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Window Replacement & Home Improvement Services in Bettendorf, IA

In Iowa, there are many prominent home improvement service companies, but if you want to find the best one for your renovation project, we recommend calling our experienced professionals at Mainstream Home Improvement in Bettendorf, IA. We use a classic and successful approach so we can guarantee to always deliver outstanding craftsmanship and satisfactory results. You will never have to endure sales pressure, price games, or painfully long sales presentations from our window replacement company. With our specialists, you can count on us being forthright, honest, and worthy of your trust. 

At Mainstream Home Improvement in Bettendorf, Iowa, we provide superior quality windows at reasonable costs. Our representatives will assist you in customizing your new windows, whether you choose blinds, insulated glass, privacy glass, or specific colors and features. You can trust our installation and replacement services to give you the distinctive windows you want while providing you with a lifetime guarantee. If you need our services for your windows, gutters, roof, or siding you can depend on us for exceptional workmanship. Contact our team when you’re ready to start improving your home.

Types of Windows We Offer
Bettendorf, Iowa

As one of the leading window installation and replacement experts in the Bettendorf, IA area, we pride ourselves on being able to offer clients a wide selection of window options for their homes. Whether you’re looking for a standard slider window or want unique bay windows for your family home, Mainstream Home Improvement is here to help you with your upcoming project. We sit down with homeowners to determine which style of window they’re looking to install or replace on their property, while completely managing the entire installation and quality-management process. There are several types of windows we offer our clients including: 

double hung windows quad cities

Double-Hung Windows

casement windows quad cities

Casement Windows

bay window quad cities

Bay & Bow Windows

slider windows quad cities

Slider Windows

Awning Windows

sliding patio doors quad cities

Patio Doors

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Mainstream Home Improvement

If you want to invest in superior home improvement services, you should consider all the advantages Mainstream Home Improvement has to offer. Our company in Bettendorf, Iowa is synonymous with exceptional quality and customer service because we consistently provide both. Our team is prepared to demonstrate our skills and prove that we deserve your trust.


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Our team promises to answer your questions & address your concerns so we can guarantee your satisfaction as we bring your vision to life.


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We use the best products & materials when we replace your windows, gutters, roof, or siding so you will always be happy with the results.


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Our team of professionals uses their experience and expertise to provide superior craftsmanship on every home improvement project.


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Our team of experts works together to ensure our customers are fully supported and satisfied with the completed renovation.

Bettendorf, Iowa

A functional gutter system can protect your roof and the rest of your house from water damage, but malfunctioning gutters may lead to issues such as rot, mildew, decay, a leaking foundation, roof fractures, and a flooded basement. Old gutters may deteriorate and develop leaks, causing all kinds of problems for your property. Look for the indications that your Bettendorf, IA home may need new gutters, and call our experts at Mainstream Home Improvement right away so we can address the problem before it worsens. You should take care of your gutters so they remain functional. When they are updated and maintained appropriately, they will continue to protect your house. You should also consider the amazing gutter covers we provide to enhance the quality of your home’s gutter system.

Gutter Covers
Bettendorf, Iowa

No homeowner loves every household chore, and gutter cleaning is one of the worst. Call Mainstream Home Improvement in Bettendorf, IA for more information about our gutter cover products, and forget about climbing dangerous ladders and cleaning out dirt and pests from your gutters. We use two types of gutter cover technology: GutterRoof and GutterRx™. Both work in a very straightforward way where your gutter cover will collect debris, which will then be carried away by the wind. The strong, perforated aluminum of the GutterRx™ cover has a rough surface to impede water flow, allowing the gutters to manage more water. With GutterRoof, our experts can easily match the color of your shingles to create an even appearance. The choice is clear: invest in gutter covers and keep dirt out of your gutters and off your hands!

Roofing Replacement
Bettendorf, Iowa

When we provide you with a roofing replacement, we will follow the same procedure as with our standard installations. Before replacing your roof, we must first remove all of the old materials to provide a sturdy foundation. Your roof is an essential part of your home, serving as your first line of defense against the elements and helping to preserve your home’s structure, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Depending on the material used to construct your roof, it may only be necessary to replace it every 15 to 20 years. However, if your roof has been damaged by a storm or an accident, our specialists at Mainstream Home Improvement in Bettendorf, Iowa can quickly assist you in fixing the damage. Contact us today so we can lend our expertise to restore the structural integrity of your roof.

Bettendorf, Iowa

You can give your house a more modern appearance and reduce your energy costs by investing in new siding. At Mainstream Home Improvement in Bettendorf, Iowa, we employ 25-foot siding panels, which provide fewer gaps and line breaks, while accentuating the overall appeal of your home. If you invest in our high-quality materials, you will end up saving money, since gaps and dents leave your house vulnerable to water damage and pest infestation. We proudly install Alside® Vinyl Siding, which guarantees that it will never split, dent, fracture, splinter, or detach from your roof. Alside® offers not only aesthetic appeal, but also improved durability, a variety of design possibilities, and colors that will not fade. Your new siding will look stunning and retain its appearance for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Our Clients in Bettendorf, Iowa Have Questions, We Have Answers.

When advising on home renovation services, several factors must be considered. We know you have questions, so to save time, please review some of the most frequent questions our customers have had and see if you can find the answers you’re looking for on our FAQ page. If not, feel free to contact our specialists with your particular issue, and we will provide you with specific and detailed solutions.

What are some of the most common pricing games that typical window places want to play?

Some local home improvement contractors are afraid you will decline their services, so they give you a low quote to entice you to accept their offer. They make the often incorrect assumption that you cannot afford what you want and would be satisfied to settle for cheap windows with less quality and fewer features. When making a home improvement decision, make sure you know everything that is included in the service you are paying for and don’t base your choice solely on a low price. Often when you buy cheap, you get cheap quality.

You guys have a lot of glowing reviews. Why can’t I find customer reviews on other companies’ websites?

We are proud to have many positive reviews for our products and services, but not every business will display its customer testimonials. Perhaps the technicians don’t have as many satisfied customers as they would like or they have a few bad reviews mixed in that they’d rather not make public. Maybe the difference is in the services and the products we at Mainstream provide. There are a lot of great contractors out there, but our window installation procedure is very different than typical installations in Bettendorf. We strive to put the same effort into every task we undertake, from siding to roofing. Our office manager will even call you during the installation process to ensure that you are satisfied with our work and that all your questions and concerns have been addressed.

Why do you only have production managers or owners on the final walk through?

We are fond of calling our final walk through The Victory Lap because the before and after results are so drastically different that it makes the finished product incredibly impressive to behold. We strive for flawless installations on every job, but we do like to have the production manager present on the final walk-through just in case we can catch something that we can improve. We use this time as our quality assurance check, even though any minor thing we find the homeowner would never notice. Perfection matters to us, especially because we give our windows a lifetime guarantee.

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