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Replacing your windows or roof can be financially intimidating. Have peace of mind with our flexible financing options on our replacement & installation services.

Window Replacement & Home Improvement Services in Kewanee, IL

Since 2001, Mainstream Home Improvement has been the favored choice for homeowners in need of a roofing, siding, or window replacement. We guarantee that you will never be exposed to sales pressure or price markups on any of our projects, but rather honest and timely home remodeling services to help restore your Kewanee, IL home. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction before leaving your home to ensure that our services are exactly what you expected. From installing new roof shingles to replacing outdated windows, our experts have years of industry expertise to get the job done perfectly the first time.

Your windows offer more than just a view of the outside world – they are one of the most important safety and design products you can invest in for your home. Depending on the quality and frequency of maintenance, your windows can last anywhere from 15-20 years without needing to be replaced. Unfortunately, when your window shatters or the seal can no longer be repaired, Mainstream Home Improvement in Kewanee, IL is here to offer window installation and replacement services. Our company will remove and install brand new windows to keep your home looking and feeling secure for years to come. We have a vast inventory with hundreds of windows to choose from, all of which are included in a lifetime warranty. Contact us to arrange an inspection and get started on your home improvement project.

Types of Windows We Offer
Kewanee, IL

As one of the leading window installation and replacement experts in the Kewanee, IL area, we pride ourselves on being able to offer clients a wide selection of window options for their homes. Whether you’re looking for a standard slider window or want unique bay windows for your family home, Mainstream Home Improvement is here to help you with your upcoming project. We sit down with homeowners to determine which style of window they’re looking to install or replace on their property, while completely managing the entire installation and quality-management process. There are several types of windows we offer our clients including: 

double hung windows quad cities

Double-Hung Windows

casement windows quad cities

Casement Windows

bay window quad cities

Bay & Bow Windows

slider windows quad cities

Slider Windows

Awning Windows

sliding patio doors quad cities

Patio Doors

Why Choose

Mainstream Home Improvement

Having an experienced and competent crew working on your roof, siding, or windows is vital for any home remodeling project. Mainstream Home Improvement puts all we have into every installation or replacement service. There are several reasons why we continue to be the top choice for homeowners in Kewanee, IL, and you can count on us to provide exceptional results.


Customer Service

Mainstream is committed to delivering exceptional customer service. That is why we are the number one choice for people in Kewanee, IL.


Quality Products

We promise high-quality, long-lasting products in every project. From name-brand windows to long-lasting roofing materials, we have it all.


Expert Installation

We have over 20 years of experience and provide complete customer satisfaction for roofing, window, siding, and patio door installation.


Superior Teamwork

We believe in working together to achieve excellence on every job. Our enthusiasm for collaborating is reflected in our work.

Kewanee, Illinois

Investing in a sturdy gutter system that can withstand years of heavy rain is one of the most straightforward ways to avoid water from entering your home or roof. Mainstream Home Improvement provides trustworthy gutter installation to prevent mildew, leaks, and decay caused by old or broken gutters. Our experts use protective synthetic felt to provide an additional layer of protection to your gutters, ensuring years of usage and avoiding roof erosion. Protect your house with our trustworthy gutter installation and replacement services; we’ll help you choose from a selection of styles to improve your home’s curb appeal and efficiency. Get a straightforward estimate on our gutter solutions today.

Gutter Covers
Kewanee, Illinois

You’ll never have to get your hands dirty again with our covers from GutterRoof and GutterRx™. Mainstream Home Improvement is a proud supplier of gutter covers in Kewanee, IL that are created with modern technology to prevent gutter clogs and increase drainage efficiency. Our gutter covers are crafted in the shape of a dome to protect your system from becoming clogged with leaves and causing substantial water damage over time. Running water is directed through tiny holes aligned with the span of the metal cover, where it flows into the trough and your city’s drainage system. Our GutterRoof and GutterRx™ covers not only look good, but they last longer than traditional aluminum systems. Don’t spend hours removing wet leaves from your gutters, let the wind take them away when you contact us for our gutter cover installation services.

Roofing Replacement
Kewanee, Illinois

Mainstream Home Improvement has over 20+ years of experience providing roofing replacement services for homes in the Kewanee, IL area. Whether your roof has been damaged by wind, hail, or falling debris, the last thing you want to deal with is a major leak or broken shingles. When you need to have your roof replaced, you can trust us to get the job done with high-quality materials that will last for decades. During your roof replacement, we will analyze the surface of your roof before preparing the foundation for your new shingles. All of our name-brand roofing materials are protected against harsh rains, snow, and UV radiation to minimize mold formation, color deterioration, and water damage. To learn more about our roofing replacement services and financing options, contact our staff today.

Kewanee, Illinois

When your home’s exterior siding has been damaged or has simply worn over time, Mainstream House Improvement is one of the top choices in Kewanee, IL for quality siding installation and replacement services. With hundreds of designs, patterns, and colors to choose from, we’re certain you’ll find a siding option that will give your home a fresh look you’ll be proud of. Our siding panels come in 25-foot pieces to minimize the gaps during installation to give you a completely waterproof and pest-free surface. Our Alside® Vinyl Siding is one of the industry’s top name brands and has been proved to never crack, dent, split, or blow off under any conditions! Call our siding installation and replacement experts for a stress-free quote on our siding services, and we guarantee to work within your budget and needs.                         

Frequently Asked Questions

Check Out Our Answers to Questions Asked by Homeowners in Kewanee, Illinois

We want to make sure that you have all of your urgent questions answered before beginning your home improvement project. Check out some of the most commonly asked questions and real-life responses from our Mainstream Home Improvement team. If your question isn’t addressed here, don’t be alarmed! Our office manager has years of experience with our roofing, windows, patio doors, and siding services and can provide you with all of the information you need to schedule an initial consultation.

What are some of the most common pricing games that typical window places want to play?

If you’ve never heard of a “pricing game” it’s the lingo in the home improvement industry that is used when a contractor offers you a low estimate for their services to get your business. This allows them to give you less quality for half the money, essentially ensuring future repairs. Mainstream Home Improvement promises to provide you with honest estimates that always reveal the precise price. We never participate in pricing games, and always ensure quality work at an affordable price.

You guys have a lot of glowing reviews. Why can’t I find customer reviews on other companies’ websites?

While we’d like to think it’s due to our passion for customer service, we recognize that many other home improvement contractors provide the same level of care. Our 5-star reviews come from our 20+ years of experience and wide range of services for homes in Kewanee, IL. We specialize in everything from roofing, siding, and windows to patio door and gutter services. Our office managers also make certain that all of your questions are addressed before, during, and after your project to guarantee a smooth experience.

Why do you only have production managers or owners on the final walk through?

We know how excited homeowners are to see their freshly completed project, however, our project managers like to do a last walkthrough to ensure that your project is completed perfectly. Our contracts know that it’s best to have many pairs of eyes check over an installation or repair, that way if anything has to be fixed or replaced, our project managers will notice it during the final inspection and get it taken care of immediately. This is just another way to ensure that your roofing, window, siding, or patio door project is executed flawlessly and to your satisfaction.

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