How to Pick the Right Siding for Your Midwest Home

A residential home in Moline, IL that has had new vinyl siding installed by a home improvement contractor in the Midwest.

How to Pick the Right Siding for Your Midwest Home

Choosing the right siding for your home is an important decision, especially when you live in the Midwest. With the region’s extreme weather conditions ranging from hot summers to below-zero temperatures in the winter, you want to ensure your siding can handle it all. At Mainstream Home Improvement, we have decades of combined experience providing siding installation and replacement services for homes throughout the Quad Cities and Moline, IL area. To make sure you choose the right products for your home, keep reading our blog, which includes tips on how to pick the right siding for your Midwest home.

Take Midwestern Weather into Consideration

It’s important to consider the material of your siding when replacing the exterior of your Midwestern home. Due to varying weather conditions year-round, your home’s siding must be expected to handle a range of environments without damage or discoloration. At Mainstream Home Improvement, we utilize Royal Building Products designed to last well over a decade with minimal maintenance and periodic cleaning. Other materials such as fiber cement, metal, or brick siding can require regular sealing and maintenance, which is something not many homeowners can find the time for year-round. Our vinyl siding is crafted with the latest technology that fights against harsh weather and can withstand winds up to 180 mph. Choosing the right siding for your home starts with basic protection, and you can expect quality results with Mainstream as your contractor.

Compare Siding Materials Side by Side

When you choose Mainstream Home Improvement as your siding contractor, you can expect an array of vinyl siding options to choose from. We work with Royal Building Products, which has been proven to endure years of harsh weather without failure and comes in various color, style, and texture options for homeowners to customize. For great reason, vinyl siding is the most popular exterior covering in the Midwest. Not only is it durable and requires minimal maintenance, but it is cost-friendly and comes in UV-resistant colors that never wear.

Brand new light brown vinyl siding installed on a two-story residential home in Moline, IL by Mainstream Home Improvement.

You’ll notice that several types of siding materials are available, from fiber cement and wood to metal and brick, so why is siding still the most popular choice for homeowners? Many other options require monthly maintenance to prevent rot and come in limited options that appease modern homeowners. To find the best siding for your home, start with Mainstream Home Improvement, and we’ll help you find the perfect vinyl siding for your project.

Narrow Down Features & Desired Curb Appeal

Your home’s exterior is the first thing people see, so choosing a siding material that complements your home’s architecture and personal style is essential. Mainstream Home Improvement with Royal Building Products to provide our customers with several features and design opportunities in Moline, IL. Our vinyl siding is available in different colors and styles for unlimited pattern combinations, including traditional lap, vertical, board, and batten. Other siding materials like metal, brick, and fiber cement do a good job mimicking other materials; however, these rarely come in custom colors and can be difficult to install without the right contractor. Discover endless feature options when you call our team at 309.762.6244 for a free quote.

Choose An Experienced Contractor

A two-story residential home in Moline, IL that has had light brown vinyl siding installed and replaced by a home improvement contractor.

Choosing the right siding for your Midwest home is an important decision that requires careful consideration. Before deciding, you need to consider the material’s durability, cost, aesthetics, and maintenance. One of the easiest ways to have peace of mind during your siding project is to hire an experienced contractor to get the job done. Mainstream Home Improvement is the leading expert in Moline, IL for siding replacement and installation for residential homeowners. Vinyl siding is an excellent choice for homeowners who want a low-maintenance, affordable option that can be customized to their property’s style and curb appeal. Get started on your siding installation project by requesting a free quote from our team.

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