High-Quality Window Replacement

Choosing between hundreds of window designs, styles, and colors can be overwhelming, to say the least. That’s why our team at Mainstream Home Improvement focuses on helping our customers every step of your window replacement project. From choosing the size and shape of your new windows to a step-by-step guide on the process of your project, we will make your replacement window service as pain-free as possible.

When looking for new windows, our goal is to help you find products that speak to your needs, home aesthetic, and of course, your budget. Our representatives respect your needs by asking the right questions that find you the perfect windows as quickly and efficiently as possible. To learn more about our window options, contact our team or view them by clicking the link below.

Benefits of Replacing Your Windows

When your home needs new windows, you can rely on our window replacement specialists to complete your home improvement project from start to finish. Whether you have several cracks in your windows or you’re looking to update your existing window frames, our team is the top choice for homeowners in the Quad Cities area. Several benefits come from replacing your windows – here are the top four that every homeowner should know.


Increased Home Value

With replacement windows from Mainstream Home Improvement, you’ll notice an immediate increase in the value of your home.


Enhanced Security

Have total peace of mind with quality replacement windows for your family home. We make sure your new windows are sealed tight.


Raised Energy Efficiency

Our ENERGY STAR® windows increase the energy efficiency of your home. This helps keep your home at the perfect temperature year-round.


Better Noise Reduction

Replacing the windows in your home means blocking out noise pollution and fewer interruptions for you and your family in the Quad Cities Area.

Types of Windows We Offer

As one of the leading window installation and replacement experts in the Quad Cities area, we pride ourselves on being able to offer clients a wide selection of window options for their homes. Whether you’re looking for a standard slider window or want unique bay windows for your family home, Mainstream Home Improvement is here to help you with your upcoming project. We sit down with homeowners to determine which style of window they’re looking to install or replace on their property, while completely managing the entire installation and quality-management process. There are several types of windows we offer our clients including: 

double hung windows quad cities

Double-Hung Windows

casement windows quad cities

Casement Windows

bay window quad cities

Bay & Bow Windows

slider windows quad cities

Slider Windows

Awning Windows

sliding patio doors quad cities

Patio Doors

Window Replacement

While most windows and frames are designed to last you well over a decade, oftentimes, weather, accidents, and even faulty installation can cause your windows to become unreliable. At Mainstream Home Improvement, our team specializes in window replacement services for residential homes in the Quad Cities area. With over 20+ years of experience, we guarantee that you’ll find a window selection that meets the needs of your home and family. Browse through hundreds of options and even personalize your windows with modern technology that increases the value of your home and allows for maximum convenience. We provide free estimates on all of our window replacement services, so give us a call today and we’ll get you started on a project plan that works for you.

Our Window Replacement Process is Stress-Free

Choosing new windows for your home can be far from a simple process. With dozens of design and installation decisions to make, this exciting new upgrade can quickly turn into a burden without the right team to work with. Mainstream Home Improvement in the Quad Cities area has decades of experience working with homeowners to provide easy and affordable window replacement services. We help our customers through the design process to narrow down the best choices for their property while keeping them up to date on the status of their project. From verifying measurements to ordering custom designs or technology, our project managers are here to make your window replacement process as stress-free as possible.

Replace Your Cracked or Outdated Windows in The Quad Cities Area

If your windows need to be replaced, you can rely on Mainstream Home Improvement for expert window replacement services in the Quad Cities area. We offer hundreds of window styles to make sure you’re getting the quality and design preferences needed for your renovation project.

Frequently Asked Questions

We Answer the Top Questions Asked By Our Clients

Window shopping can be a time-consuming task, especially when there are several options and styles to choose from. Mainstream Home Improvement is the leading expert in window replacement options and installation services. Browse through some of our most frequently asked questions to see how we can help in your upcoming window replacement project. Can’t find your question here? View our full FAQ or contact our team in the Quad Cities area today.

Why do I have condensation on my windows?

Excessive humidity levels in your home is what causes condensation, not your windows. Condensation is proof of excessive moisture in the air, which can actually be fixed with a dehumidifier or the cleaning of your HVAC units by a professional technician. For more information on condensation, please visit AAMA’s website.

How much can I save by switching out my old windows with new energy efficient windows?

This answer varies depending on several factors: the characteristics of your old and new windows, the size of your home, your property’s location, and more. ENERGY STAR® has put together calculated estimates of the energy you are bound to save when replacing a single-pane or double-pane clear glass window. Ask our team for more specifics on how much money you could be saving with our windows.

Why won’t my window sash stay up?

If your window sash won’t stay up, it may be due to the wrong size window being installed or the balance of your window is off. Unfortunately, this fix requires help form the professionals as the repair is different for every window style and manufacturer. Get in touch with our team if you’re having issues with your window sash.

What window warranties do you offer?

As a window dealer of MI Windows and Doors, our window replacement products are all covered under a Limited Lifetime Customer Assurance Warranty. This allows for homeowners to order replacement parts at no additional charge when their MI windows are broken or not operating properly. Some of our windows also come with a Glass Breakage Limited Warranty where new glass can be purchased at no additional cost if your window breaks.

How can I make the window installation process go as smoothly as possible?

To have your window installation process go as smoothly as possible, make sure the opening to your windows has been cleaned before our contractor gets there. Once your custom windows are installed, make sure there isn’t any more work to be done before using your windows. Lastly, take care of your caulk and trim to make sure your windows last as long as possible.

We Triple Check Every Window Replacement Project

You’ll never have to worry about the quality of our work. At Mainstream Home Improvement, we triple-check every window replacement project to ensure it is completed to perfection. With project managers or one of the owners on every site, we guarantee that every seal and windowpane will be inspected before we consider your project complete. Just to give homeowners extra peace of mind, we guarantee your windows for life; that way, if you come across an issue down the road that our project managers overlooked, you’ll have your windows replaced at no additional cost. Get your windows replaced with experts in the industry when you call our office in the Quad Cities area.