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There are several notable home improvement businesses in the area, but if you want to choose the best fit for your remodeling job, we suggest contacting our experts at Mainstream Home Improvement in Clinton, IA. We use a successfully tested method to ensure that we always produce superior workmanship and excellent outcomes. You will never have to experience sales pressure, pricing games, bogus markups, or long sales presentations from our roofing experts. You can rely on our advice to be straightforward, trustworthy, and deserving of your confidence. If you need our assistance with your windows, gutters, roof, or siding, you can depend on our superior craftsmanship. 

At Mainstream Home Improvement in Clinton, IA, we provide affordable windows of exceptional quality. Whether you pick privacy glass, insulated glass, blinds, or specific features, our professionals can help you design your new windows. You can rely on our window installation and replacement services to provide you with the unique windows you want, along with a lifetime warranty. We only sell Energy Star-certified items, so you can be assured they’re very efficient. Contact our staff when you’re ready to begin your next home improvement project.

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Consider all of our company’s benefits if you’re looking to invest in home improvement services. In Clinton, Iowa, our team is recognized for our superior quality and customer service because we supply both on every job. Our staff at Mainstream Home Improvement is prepared to present our abilities and ensure your trust in us is well-placed.


Customer Service

We will always make time for our valued customers. We will address your questions and concerns so we can give you peace of mind and results you will love.


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When we replace your windows, gutters, roof, or siding, we will always use the best products to ensure your satisfaction with the job on Day 1 and for years to come.


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If you want excellent craftsmanship and top-quality installation for your next home improvement project, look no further than our team of experienced professionals.


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At Mainstream, we are a team that works together and supports each other and our customers to ensure a finished product we can all be proud of…every time.

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Old gutters may degrade and create leaks, resulting in a variety of issues for your home. A properly working gutter system may protect your roof and the rest of your home from water damage, but faulty gutters can lead to rot, mildew, decay, a leaky foundation, roof cracks, and a flooded basement. Look for the signs that you may need new gutters and contact our specialists immediately so we can handle the issue before it worsens. You should keep up proper maintenance for your gutters to ensure their continued functionality. When updated and cared for effectively, they will continue to protect and preserve your home’s integrity. To further improve the quality of your Clinton, IA home’s gutter system, you should also consider the incredible gutter covers we provide.

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Gutter Covers
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Gutter cleaning is one of those household chores that no homeowner enjoys doing, but it’s, unfortunately, a necessary task. Or is it? Call Mainstream Home Improvement in Clinton, IA to learn about our GutterRoof  and GutterRx™ products and forget about climbing ladders and removing debris from your gutters. The way these gutter covers work is incredibly simple: they block debris from entering your gutters. The debris is then swept away by the wind. GutterRx™ has a perforated metal cover that features a rough surface to inhibit water flow, enabling the gutters to handle more water. With GutterRoof, we can match the color of your shingles to create a beautiful, uniform look for your home’s exterior. Get the stress off your plate and the dirt out of your gutters—say goodbye to this chore forever!

Roofing Replacement
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When we provide you with a roofing replacement, we will adhere to the same approach we use for our conventional installations. Before we can restore your roof, we must first remove the old materials to establish a solid base. Your roof is a crucial component of your house, providing the first line of defense against the weather and preserving the structure, function, and appearance of your home. It may only be required to replace your roof every 15 to 20 years, depending on the materials used to create it. However, if your roof has been damaged by a storm or an accident, our Clinton, IA professionals at Mainstream Home Improvement can aid you in replacing the damage immediately. Contact us right away so that we can restore the structural integrity of your roof.

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Investing in new siding will provide your home with a cleaner, more contemporary look and lower your energy bills. At Mainstream Home Improvement in Clinton, IA, we use 25-foot siding panels, which results in fewer gaps and line breaks while enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal. If you invest in our high-quality products, you will save money in the long run, since holes and dents expose your home to insect infestation as well as water damage. We install Alside® Vinyl Siding, which is guaranteed to never crack, dent, fracture, or become dislodged and fall from your roof. Alside® provides not only visual appeal, but also enhanced durability, a range of design options, and fade-resistant colors. Your new siding will look beautiful and professional and you can count on it to stay that way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Real Answers to Our Home Improvement Services in Clinton, Iowa

There are many factors to think about when deciding on the home improvement service you want. To save time, look through some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers and see if you can find the answers to your own on our FAQ page. Otherwise, please contact our professionals with your specific concerns and we will give you detailed and thorough answers so you have all the information you need to make your decision.

What are some of the most common pricing games that typical window places want to play?

Some local home renovation companies are worried that you may reject their services, so they provide you with a cheap estimate to encourage you to accept their offer. They often make the erroneous assumption that you cannot afford what you actually want and would gladly settle for inexpensive windows that are low quality. When deciding on a home improvement service, make sure you understand all that is included in the pricing and do not base your selection only on price. It is often the case that when you purchase an item at a low price, you get a product of inferior quality.

You guys have a lot of glowing reviews. Why can’t I find customer reviews on other companies’ websites?

We are very pleased to have received so many positive reviews for our products and services. However, not all companies post their client testimonials. Perhaps the distinction lies in the services and goods that Mainstream Home Improvement offers. There are many excellent contractors available, but our window installation technique in Clinton, IA differs significantly from the standard. We always apply the same level of dedication and professionalism to every project, from siding to roofing. Even throughout the installation process, our office manager will contact you to check that you are satisfied with our work and that all of your questions and concerns have been handled. With Mainstream, you are supported every step of the way and we believe that is what impresses our customers and earns their gratitude.

Why do you only have production managers or owners on the final walk through?

We often refer to our last tour as The Victory Lap since the before and after comparison shows such significant differences that the end result is quite amazing. We aim for perfect installs on every project, but we prefer to have the production manager there at the final walk-through in case we see anything that might be improved. We utilize this period as our quality assurance check, even though the homeowner would likely not detect the little flaws that we are trained to notice. Perfection is important to us, and we strive to deliver results that are both exceptional and completely satisfactory. We value our customers and believe they deserve the very best so that’s why our standards are so high.

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