Preparing Your Windows For Fall

Preparing Your Windows For Fall

Autumn is here, and throughout the Quad Cities, we’re already enjoying the benefits. Cooler weather, beautiful falling leaves, and the looming aesthetics of the harvest and Halloween. But are your windows ready for fall…or the winter that follows? Even fairly low maintenance windows might need a little bit of prep for the coming seasons. Here are our tips for preparing your windows for fall:

Check For Air Leaks

As the cooler weather comes in, it will be more important than ever to avoid air leaks coming from your windows. You can test for air leaks coming from windows by holding a lit candle up to the frame. If you notice the flame pulling in one direction or the other, that likely means there’s an air leak in the home. You can also try trapping a dollar within your window. If you can pull it out, that’s too much air leakage. You can resolve this issue with weatherstripping or by replacing your windows with more energy efficient styles double-hung or casement windows.

Look For Cracked Caulk

This is also a good time to take a look at the caulking around your window. The caulking seals the glass against the frame. Over time, it can become loose or it can start to flake out. It might even be picked off by bored kids. Check for any cracks or missing caulking and recaulk it before the weather becomes too cold. This will help to further seal your window and keep it from leaking air when winter weather comes.

Schedule Repairs Or Replacements

During your window maintenance, you may find that you need to repair cracks in the windows or in the seal of the windows. You might even find that you’d rather replace your windows altogether. If that’s the case, don’t wait for spring to get it done. You might be able to get through winter by weatherstripping, but the best way to ensure that you keep your heating bills down as the Quad Cities winter comes in. Ask your home improvement contractor about the best energy efficient window options for fall.

Need help with your window maintenance this year? Interested in window repairs or replacement? Contact Mainstream Home Improvements today for more information or a free estimate to get started.

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