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Window Installation Contractors

Choosing windows for your home can be a huge decision for homeowners, especially when top-of-the-line products can be expensive. At Mainstream Home Improvement, our team of estimators, installers, and project managers are here to help with your window installation project in the Quad Cities area. Since 2001, we have been the leading choice for home renovation projects due to our ability to have customer windows manufactured for the specific openings in your home.  Our team will walk you through every step of the window installation process to make sure you have a stress-free experience. Ready to get started? Give us a call today to schedule an initial meeting, and we’ll provide an accurate estimate based on your needs.

Why Choose Mainstream Home Improvement For Your Window Installation Project?

Replacement windows and getting new windows installed has been our primary focus for homeowners in the Quad Cities area since 2001. With over 20+ years of experience in the industry, we know all of the ins and outs of window shopping, designs, products, features, and of course – the factory certified professional installation process. Here are four reasons why you should choose Mainstream Home Improvement for your window installation project.


Stress-Free Installation

We handle your entire project from design to installation and perform a final quality check for a stress-free and easy window installation process.


Personalized Options

Our windows come with several customizable options such as decorative glass, colors, & finishes for homeowners to choose from.


Affordable Prices

You’ll never experience pricing games with Mainstream. Get affordable window installation services for your Quad Cities home.


Lifetime Warranty

Many of our products offer lifetime warranty protection. Our team can provide you with the – no fine print – documentation needed to make a solid choice.

Window Installation

At Mainstream Home Improvement, our team is known for providing high quality window installation services for homeowners in the Quad Cities metropolitan area. From choosing the design of your windows to prepping the opening before installation, our estimators and installers take all of the proper steps on your window installation project to deliver a positive renovation experience. You can choose between dozens of different styles, colors, sizes, and design options so that you get exactly what you’re wanting for your home. Before completing your window installation, our estimators and installers conduct a final inspection to make sure everything is up to company standards. Contact us today to schedule a window installation service with our team of professionals.

Our Window Installation Process

We know how nerve-racking it can be to have several contractors in and around your home making changes during renovation. Mainstream Home Improvement has been in the industry for 20+ years and knows a thing or two about how to quickly and efficiently install residential windows thanks to our step-by-step process. While most window installation procedures are fairly similar, ours involves several quality checks, multiple checkpoints, and protocols. Here are the six general steps that are included in every one of our window installation projects:

  • 1

    Carefully remove the existing window

  • 2

    Make sure the opening is level and square

  • 3

    Prep the opening for a tight fit.

  • 4

    Install the new window and make adjustments

  • 5

    Insulate around the new window

  • 6

    Install the applicable trim

Discover Dozens of Window Options (for Your Renovation)

As part of our window installation process, our estimators and installers are here to help you find the perfect windows to compliment your home. We provide expert window installation with a guarantee and hassle-free estimates. Get in touch with our Quad Cities experts today.

Which Windows Are Best for Your Property?

At Mainstream Home Improvement, we are proud to offer customers a wide variety of window options to choose from for their homes. Whether you’re looking for standard double hung windows or are looking to upgrade to casements, sliders, or awning windows, we have several quality window products for you to choose from and customize. If you’re unsure of which windows to choose for your property, we recommend sitting down with one of our experienced representatives to talk about the design and functionality needs you’re looking for in new windows. We’ll bring one of our windows with us and show you what we’re talking about instead of just telling you.  We’ll go over pricing, the installation process, window size, window design, and the added features that will make your decision process easy and stress-free.

The Benefits of Our Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are one of the most common options for homeowners in the Quad Cities area, and the Midwest in general. That’s because they are the most versatile in many situations. For one, you can open them in an emergency and get out of the house. Many of them have tilt in sashes for cleaning. Plus the mechanics involved in today’s double hung windows have components that are military grade instead of a rope holding metal weights. Some of the younger generations may not understand that reference. Trust us when we say, our double hung windows are built to last – forever. Mainstream Home Improvement offers reliable window installation services for residential properties looking to upgrade their current windows and save money on energy. If you’re looking to install quality windows in your home, here are several benefits you should know about our double-hung windows.