Always Hire a Licensed Roofer with Insurance

A qualified roofing contractor in the Quad Cities area, giving a thumbs up in front of a residential home with a roofing installation service.

Always Hire a Licensed Roofer with Insurance

If your roof needs professional service, your choice of contractor must be licensed and insured before getting started. Luckily, Mainstream Home Improvement is one of the top-rated roof contracting companies in the Quad Cities area. If work is performed on your roof and an accident occurs, you as the homeowner, could be liable if the contractor isn’t properly insured. Keep reading to learn about the importance of hiring a licensed roofing contractor for total peace of mind on your upcoming roof project.

They Follow Safety Standards

When working with a licensed and insured home improvement company, you can count on hiring a team whose main priority is safety. The last thing any roofing contractor wants is to be held liable for injuries or damages caused by their crew. To prevent this, professionals like ours at Mainstream Home Improvement follow industry safety standards that help to minimize accidents while on the job. Our carpenters and installers take extra precautions while working on residential and commercial roofs in the Quad Cities area. Roofing replacement can be risky, which is why our team is trained on how to perform expert services on all roof types.

They Protect You from Liabilities

A roofing contractor falling off a ladder in the Quad Cities, area during a roofing replacement service.

When working from a high altitude, injuries to both your home and workers are a possibility that our team recognizes from the moment we step foot on your property. If a roofer were injured while on the job and did not have the proper insurance coverage, the homeowner is now liable. Hiring a licensed roofer with quality insurance coverage gives customers peace of mind and can protect them from liabilities in the event of an accident. Mainstream Home Improvement can provide you with copies of worker’s compensation and liability insurance to protect you and your family from being liable for any sustained injuries. Before starting your roofing replacement service, ask our team to present those documents, so you can greenlight your roofing project without any additional stress.

They’re Highly Knowledgeable & Qualified

Several areas of expertise must be studied and tested before a state can award a residential or commercial roofing license. Our roofers at Mainstream Home Improvement undergo extensive training and become highly knowledgeable in performing replacement roofing services before taking on any projects. Make sure whichever home improvement company you choose is licensed and insured for peace of mind and high-quality results. We provide proof of insurance and workers’ compensation to each one of our customers when asked before a roofing job. To schedule a roofing replacement service, contact us today in the Quad Cities area.

They Can Be Trusted

An experienced and insured roofing contractor installing the roof of a home in the Quad Cities area.

A licensed and insured roofing contractor stands by the quality and results of their work. Hiring a home improvement company that shares proof of workers’ compensation and liability insurance is a sure sign of trust that every customer should look for when in need of professional roofing services. Our qualified team at Mainstream Home Improvement has served the Quad Cities area for years thanks to consistent, trustworthy results, which our customers can attest to. Our experts are licensed, insured, and trusted sources for your upcoming project. To schedule a consultation, contact the office at 309.762.6244, and we will provide physical proof of why we are the #1 trusted roofing contractor in the area.

Finally, Do Your Research!

A job site can be risky and unpredictable when performing services on a roof several stories high. When hiring a roofing contractor, you must research to see if their website mentions being insured or licensed. If not, you can call the company directly and ask for proof of insurance or move on to the next option near you. Mainstream Home Improvement makes it easy for our customers to have instant access to our current insurance and licenses by carrying proof with us on every job. Avoid becoming liable for injuries or damages caused by uninsured roofing companies and trust our experts in the Quad Cities area.

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