Top 8 Reasons to Replace Your Old Windows Now

A window installation contractor in the Quad Cities area who is upgrading a home with new windows.

Top 8 Reasons to Replace Your Old Windows Now

There may be many reasons why you should replace the windows in your home. Are your windows the originals and the seals have failed, or are the frames made of wood and have started to rot? Regardless of the reason, if your windows are no longer functioning satisfactorily, they are not serving you as they should. This inefficiency can lead to problems and expenses. At Mainstream Home Improvement, we’re here to help service your windows and ensure your home is efficient and comfortable. Here are the eight most common reasons to replace your windows. 

Seal Failure

A common problem homeowners encounter with their windows is seal failure, which could be caused by a number of factors, including mold, extreme temperatures, harsh elements, and age. If the seal is broken, that is a sign the window itself is failing. Broken window seals can allow outside elements into your home, which can cause your energy bill to increase and also affect your comfort. One sign of a broken seal is that the window starts to cloud and look hazy without you being able to clean the panes. If you suspect you have an issue with your window seals, call us right away to assess the situation.

Improve Safety and Security

If your windows are difficult to open and get stuck often, this is not only an inconvenience but also a potential safety hazard. You won’t be able to open your windows to enjoy a summer breeze and you also won’t be able to use them to evacuate in the case of fire, intruder, or emergency. You don’t want to have to break the glass and risk getting injured. Having properly functioning windows is a matter of safety as well as convenience.


One of the top reasons homeowners choose to get their windows replaced is due to wood rot. The wood on and around your windows is very vulnerable to the outside elements, and if not maintained properly, moisture can collect inside. When water infiltrates the wood, it gets into places it shouldn’t be and can cause the wood to rot. Soon mold and mildew will form, and the wood will quickly deteriorate. This deterioration can spread and even get into the framing of your house, possibly causing structural issues.

Change Color and Upgrade Your Home’s Appearance

A beautiful home in the Quad Cities area with new windows replaced by a professional home improvement company.

If you’ve changed the colors of the interior or exterior of your home, you’ll likely also want to upgrade your windows to match the new color scheme. The exterior of your home is a reflection of you, and you want all the elements to complement each other so your home looks its best. Improve your curb appeal and revitalize the look of your home by investing in new windows today. We have a variety of color combinations and materials to choose from, so call now to get started.


If you have single-pane windows, you might be spending extra money on energy bills throughout the year, especially if you have to take extra measures to ensure your home’s comfort, like putting plastic over your windows during the winter. If you’re doing this, it could be time to replace your windows and perhaps consider installing double-pane windows instead. The added insulation makes for better energy efficiency and noise reduction. Your home will be more comfortable, and you’ll save money on your energy bills, so we recommend considering the investment.

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners make the decision to replace their windows due to increases in their monthly energy bills. This is a valid concern and likely indicates their current windows aren’t as energy efficient as they could be. At Mainstream Home Improvement, we help homeowners improve their energy savings by upgrading their homes with new windows. When your windows are old or defective in any way, your HVAC systems will have to work harder to properly regulate the temperature in your home.

Regulate Your Home’s Temperature

A woman sitting in a bay window that had been recently installed in her residential home in the Quad Cities area.

You may not realize how integral your windows are to regulating the temperature of your home and how any defects could lead to a loss of energy efficiency and a rise in your monthly utility bills. You can easily regulate your home’s temperature on a nice day by opening your windows and getting a good cross flow of air to freshen up the house, but what about the days when the weather is too hot or too cold to be comfortable? You need your windows to be shut and properly sealed to help your HVAC system maintain the desired temperature in your home. At Mainstream Home Improvement, we offer quality window replacement services to insulate your home and keep it comfortable for you during every season.

Extends the Life of Your HVAC

If your windows are installed properly and the seals are effective, your home’s HVAC unit will also benefit from the investment. By taking additional stress off your HVAC unit, you are allowing it to function at a more efficient rate, which will result in fewer repairs and an extended life expectancy. Both windows and HVAC units are expensive to replace, so it’s sensible to make an effort to prolong their utility. With our quality windows, you will gain years of satisfactory service and save yourself money along the way.

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