Benefits Of Window Replacement Before Winter Comes To Arlington, VA

elderly couple looking out their new window replacement in the winter in Arlington, VA

Benefits Of Window Replacement Before Winter Comes To Arlington, VA

What Goes Into Window Replacement?

So, what goes into a true window replacement? The better question is is it just one window that needs to be replaced. In some circumstances it may just be one window, however it’s a good idea to work with a window replacement professional like us at Mainstream Home Improvement.

Choosing a window depends on many factors. Perhaps you are looking for a decorative window, possibly a bay window, or maybe your windows have outlasted many decades and it’s time to bring in new windows to your entire home that are fully insulated and will last for a very long time which can lead to lower utility bills and added warmth inside your home during those long winters.

What Kind Of Window Are You Looking For?

With so many options including the type of glass, the color of the frame, and the different styles out there, having a window replacement expert is a necessity. Window Replacement at Mainstream Home Improvement is a delicate process, but one that our company is an expert in.

Types Of Windows

You may have several different types of windows in your home already. However, this does not mean you have to make the same choices when you choose a window replacement option. Let’s go over what your options are within in your home:


A window with one fixed sash and one moveable sash


A window with two moveable sashes


A window that typically moves horizontally and can have panels within that will glide from side to side.

Awning & Casement

Sometimes referred to as the same type of window, both awning and casement have distinct differences. An awning window has hinges on top of the window and the casement windows have hinges on the sides. Both will have a crank where the panes of glass will be able to move in different directions.


A simple window with a fixed pane and no bars that is quite large in size.

Acrylic Or Glass Block

These windows are typically found in bathrooms and can be used in order to allow light in without allowing passers-by to view the inside space.


These windows have a distinct architectural style that can be oval, square, octogen or any shape diverging from the standard window shape.

Bay Or Bow

These windows are seen in kitchen areas for a large view of the background, but also can be found in bedrooms and large studies. There is a difference between both the bay and bow windows. Bay windows are typically less expensive and have fewer sections and are angled. The bow window is rounded and may have more sections than the bay.


Also referred to as a greenhouse window and typically seen in kitchens. These windows will actually extend outwards in order to give you space for plants within the kitchen and a growing area.

The R-Factor

You may have heard of the R-Factor when you first started researching your window replacement project, but may not understand exactly what that term means. The R-Factor is simply a rating that is put on the measurement of how well the window will insulate. It’s imperative to understand that there is an R-Factor for both the window glass itself and the window frame. The higher the R-Factor value, the better the window and window frame will insulate your home and lead you to savings in the future. Energy Star Ratings are also a large factor when choosing the type of window in your window replacement project.

Types Of Glass

Energy-efficient glass has been improving each and every year and it is rated on a measurement of how well it deals with the transfer of both heat and cold. Some glass has several coatings of heat reflective metallic shields in order to increase its energy efficiency.

What Happens During The Installation Process?

Replacing your windows is a very time-efficient process. Before we start the process, we will want to inspect your home and all of your windows and go over the many options you will have to choose from. We want you to understand the long-term benefits of window replacement and the many options that you have when going through this process. Some installations can be done within just one day, but it depends on what you are looking for.

During the installation process, we will bring in a highly-skilled team of professionals to remove your existing windows, then replace and seal the new ones in.

The frames of the windows are fused together to ensure that there is no leakage over time, and no moisture will be able to penetrate your new windows. Then there will be a clean-up process and

you will receive your warranty information and be able to view your completed project with the knowledge and calm that your home is now secure, your utility bills should decrease over time, and your home is much more insulated than it was before this project.

Will You Warranty Your Windows And Your Work?

Yes. We warranty our work at Mainstream Home Improvement. Depending on the type of window and frame that you chose, they will also come with a warranty dependent on the manufacturer.

Want to know more about window replacement? If you’re in or directly around the Arlington, VA area, feel free to reach out at (309) 762-6244 or at this link for more information

Afterward, we can get you scheduled for a visit from our popular mobile showroom. Thanks so much for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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