High-Quality And Beautiful Door Installation In Albany, IL

beautiful door installation in Albany, IL

High-Quality And Beautiful Door Installation In Albany, IL

The front door can be the gateway to your home. Sometimes it is referred to as the home’s handshake. But how difficult is it to select the right door to install in your home? Let the experts guide you by selecting the right door for your home, whether it be an interior or exterior door. There are several types of doors to choose from when starting a door installation project.  Here at Mainstream Home Improvement in Albany, IL we are experts in beautiful and high-quality door installation.

But first, you must choose what type of door you will need:



A front door, a storm door, and even a door to a garage


A door between rooms or any door that is not connected to the outside of the home.

Many Door Options To Choose From

With so many choices, let us at Mainstream Improvement help you choose the best door for your home.

French Doors 

A French door is typically a pair of doors with glass panes that expand through almost the entire length of the door. These are very popular if you are looking for a more open feel between rooms and natural light. The French door is typical for an interior space.

Dutch Doors

An older-style door mostly found in the New England area that became popular because it allowed sunlight and breeze into a home.  These doors separate halfway between the top and the bottom, allowing for lots of air to move in and out of the home, making it an excellent choice for homeowners with pets! Additionally, many homeowners choose this door for their kitchen space, but some choose this as an exterior door. 

Bifold Doors

These doors are typical of an interior closet door.  The bifold door will close in on itself to save space.

Pocket Doors

A beautiful solution to a space because of its ability to slide in and out of a wall.  If you have a smaller space that does not allow for the full swing of a door, this can be a solution and is typically found in a master bathroom suite on the way in from the master bedroom.

Sliding Glass Doors

Typically, an exterior door that slides on a glass track with a frame.  A sliding glass door can be used to enter a backyard or patio, and a screen can also accompany it.

Storm Doors

This exterior door can be installed for extreme weather situations and can have screen panels and retractable glass.  

Here at Mainstream Home Improvement, there are many doors to choose from and even custom options that we can create to satisfy your aesthetic.

Door Materials

Wood Doors

Most doors are made out of wood, and there are so many types to choose from.  This is dependent on the door location and whether or not it is in an area of the home that is on display for decorative purposes.

Steel Doors

These are typically made of polyurethane with steel overlay and are excellent for inclement weather.

Aluminum Doors

These doors are typically less expensive than other doors and are for external use. They hold up well in colder climates and can be an excellent option for a lower budget.

Fiberglass Doors

Another exterior option and can work well in most climates.  They will not rot or crack, rust or scratch and are also excellent on the budget.

Flush Doors

Typically, interior doors are also referred to as panel doors made of laminated wood and wood veneer.


The time and method of installing your door will depend on whether it is an external or internal installation, the size of the door, and the level of customization or decorative accents.  Internal doors are typically much easier to install, except for pocket doors because they slide into the wall disappearing from view.  At Mainstream Home Improvement, we will ensure that your door is installed and provide a warranty from the manufacturer of the door and a warranty on our work.  

Our reputation includes multiple awards and certifications in the door installation and home improvement industries. If you work with us, you will enjoy a beautiful new door that can change the entire appearance of your home or room! Call us at (309) 762-6244.

Want to know more about door installation? If you’re in or directly around the Albany, IL area, feel free to reach out. We are happy to discuss all of your options and answer your questions! Afterward, we can get you scheduled for a visit from our popular mobile showroom. Thanks so much for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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