Are You Ready For Your New Entry Door In Andover, IL?

new entry way remodel in Andover, IL

Are You Ready For Your New Entry Door In Andover, IL?

Your front entry door is just that: it’s the first and foremost entry into your home. It impacts the style of your home, your security, your energy efficiency, and your home value. It’s important to have the right entry door for your home, but finding the right door takes some consideration. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss some of the things you should know before you buy a new entry door for your Andover, IL home. 

The Climate Of Andover, IL

Not all entry doors are right for all climates. For instance, wood entry doors tend to do poorly in particularly wet climates. Steel, vinyl, or aluminum doors can ding or have issues with peeling paint, especially where hail could be a problem. So what kind of climate does your entry door need to suit?

Andover has a relatively balanced climate, typical of the midwest. We experience all four seasons in their time, a healthy amount of rain throughout the year and snow during the winter. That means you’re looking for a door that can stand up to the heat of summer, the cold of winter, the wet of spring, and the wind of autumn. Most homeowners find that fiberglass doors tend to be the best option when it comes to holding up to their climate.

The Best Time Of Year To Install Entry Doors

When should you schedule your entry door replacement? The best answer is: as soon as you know that you need an entry door replacement. If your entry door is letting in too much cold air, letting heat escape your home, or allowing pests or moisture to get in, none of those are problems you want to let fester. However, certain times of year will yield different entry door installation experiences.

This is a relatively quick installation process. It involves removing the old door and replacing it with the new door. However, late spring through early fall tends to be the busiest time of year for entry door installations. That means you could be waiting a while before a scheduling time opens up. Winter might lead to some discomfort due to the cold weather but offers more freedom with scheduling. However, winter snow and rain could make it difficult to perform the entry door installation as you want to avoid letting moisture in the home. Make sure that your door installation happens on a dry day.

There’s also your personal schedule to consider. Do you want to have the door installed while kids are in school? Is there a particular time when you can have the door installed without having to miss work? Consider all of this when choosing the time of year to install your entry door.

Different Entry Door Material Options

The most popular entry door materials are wood, steel, and fiberglass. We’ve discussed these materials when talking about climate. The truth is that wood doors are beautiful and have excellent natural thermal performance but require hefty maintenance. Without regular staining, they can swell, warp, or rot. Steel doors are stronger than wood but can become dingy over time and hold paint colors less well. Fiberglass tends to be the best compromise. It can mimic the look and feel of wood doors, but the strength is more comparable to steel. It’s strong, beautiful, and durable enough to hold up for years to come with low maintenance.

Choosing The Right Entry Door Installation Team In Andover, IL

You can find any number of entry door installation teams in Andover. Not all of them are actually reputable, however. Some “home improvement companies” are little more than a one-man company in a truck. Others are rather fly-by-night, open one day and closed within a few months. There’s nothing wrong with being choosy when it comes to your entry door company and researching a few companies to get a sense of what you want. A few things to look for include:

  • Experience – how long have they been in business in the area?
  • Are they truly a local company?
  • Are they licensed and insured?
  • What do their customers say about them in reviews?
  • What products do they use? 

Mainstream Home Improvements has been in business since 2001, and we’ve continued our commitment to building lasting relationships in our community. Need help finding the right entry door for your Andover, IL home? Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a free estimate.

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