5 Ideas For Front Doors Using Sidelights And Transoms For Quad City Homeowners

beautiful remodeled exterior entryway in Quad City

5 Ideas For Front Doors Using Sidelights And Transoms For Quad City Homeowners

Transform Your Entryway Into A Work Of Art.

Your front door plays a big role in what houseguests think of your Quad City home. And very few things can dazzle guests like an entry door accented with beautiful sidelights and a transom.

Since it’s one of the first things people notice when they arrive at your home, your front door can make or break a first impression. Sidelights and transoms are two architectural additions that completely transform your entryway into a work of art that captures your individual taste.

With that in mind, let’s talk about a few ways that sidelights and transoms can improve the curb appeal of your home!

What Are Sidelights And Transoms?

To first understand how sidelights and transoms can benefit your home and lifestyle, we should first go over what exactly sidelights and transoms are! 


While sidelights are not actually light fixtures at all, they do allow natural light to enter the home. Sidelights are quite simply vertical panes of glass that run along either side of a door.

Some homes may have a single sidelight on the left or right side of the door, while other homes could have sidelights on both sides of the door. Sidelights are fixed in place so as to not affect the energy efficiency of the home. 


Transoms are similar to sidelights in the sense that they are typically fixed panes of glass. In this case, transoms refer to the horizontal section of glass above a door. While most transoms are fixed in place on modern homes, older homes are more apt to have functional transoms that can allow airflow to enter the home without having the door open. 

1. Using Sidelights And Transoms In Tandem

Now that we have discussed the difference between sidelights and transoms, let’s talk about how to use them in your home! First and foremost, the most popular way to implement these additions to your home is by having them installed in tandem with each other.

Having sidelights on either side of your front door with a large transom above the door will allow a substantial amount of natural light to enter the home. 

2. Matching Sidelights And Transoms With The Rest Of The Home

Do the rest of the windows in your home have a grid-like pattern? Choosing a similar grid pattern for your sidelights or transom will help flow these features into the natural vibe of the home without becoming an eyesore.

If you want your entryway to stick out against the monotony of the home’s exterior, choosing a window trim and grid pattern in a bold contrasting color is sure to stand out. Our decorative window options are sure to fit all style preferences. 

3. Having A Single Sidelight

Sidelights can only be installed on your home if there is an adequate amount of space around the door, to ensure there won’t be structures compromised by the installation. In some cases, your home may only have space for a single sidelight on one side of the door.

Having a single sidelight could allow you to have a wider-than-average glass pane to make up for the loss of a second sidelight. While a single sidelight may not deliver as much natural sunlight, the reduced surface area makes for an easy cleaning experience. 

4. Bigger And Bigger!

If your home has the space for it, enlarged sidelights and transoms could be a great look! Having a large multi-paned transom extending well past the width of the door will allow a vast amount of light to enter the home while remaining away from prying eyes.

Because safety is a concern of most Quad City homeowners, opting for a long transom without sidelights could be the best choice for your home. That being said, combining the look of an extra-wide transom and sidelights can achieve that grand entryway you have been dreaming of. 

5. Arched Transom

Arches have been revered by architects for thousands of years. Not only because of their hero-like structural abilities, but for their sheer beauty. If you are already remodeling your home with a transom installation, an arched transom can add exquisite beauty to your home, especially when paired with our large selection of unique doors.

While transoms and sidelights typically increase the value of your home, an arched transom can add even more value! Not to mention your home’s curb appeal will go through the roof!

Sidelights And Transoms Cover All The Bases

Let’s recap for a moment. Adding a sidelight and transom to your entryway can provide increased natural light to the home, add to the overall curb appeal of the home’s exterior, increase the value of the home, and achieve the modern look you are after.

What more could you ask for?

If you are interested in a sidelight or transom installation, reach out to our highly-trained technicians today! You can reach our Moline office at (309) 762-6244 or by contacting us today, we are excited to hear from you.

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