Everything You Need To Know About Dutch Doors

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Everything You Need To Know About Dutch Doors

Speaking of recurring trends in the home improvement space, dutch doors cannot be left out of the conversation!

What started out as a staple in every horse barn has now earned its way into homeowners’ hearts all over the globe.


Versatility, simplicity, uniqueness. What more could you ask for in a door?

With all the different door options out there, it can be a daunting experience having to choose just the right one for your home.

In this article, we are going to fill you in on everything you need to know about dutch doors and hopefully, by the end, you will know once and for all if dutch doors are right for YOUR home! 

What Are Dutch Doors?

Dutch doors are instantly recognizable due to the fact they are two separate half-doors that, when both are closed, form a single door. This means the top and bottom section can both swing freely open and closed independently of each other or used as a normal door.

Each section of dutch doors can be locked, with one section brandishing the doorknob and key locks while the opposite section is fitted with a deadbolt. The dual-locking system adds added security while ensuring the closed section can always be locked to prevent unwanted guests. 

History Of Dutch Doors

Dutch doors became popular among European farmers in the 17th century for their effectiveness for keeping cattle and other farm animals in their pens.

Not only could they be safely locked in their pen, but the top section of the dutch door could also be opened to allow airflow.

A win-win for everyone!

Dutch doors made their way to America via New England and New York residents, and they never looked back!

As farmland became suburban neighborhoods and farmhouses became a beloved style of home to this day, dutch doors never went out of style.

Modern families are finding more practical uses for dutch doors in their homes that go beyond aesthetics. 

Pros & Cons Of Dutch Doors 

Are you thinking of renovating your home with the addition of a dutch door? You’ve come to the right spot! Here at Mainstream Home Improvement, we want all of our readers and clients to have every bit of information available to make an informed decision.

Let’s go over the pros and cons of dutch doors!


  • Provides exceptional airflow when one section is open, eliminating the need to run a fan when it gets warm
  • Homeowners can open the top section to speak with neighbors, delivery people, etc., without having to worry about a child or pet running out the door
  • Dual locking systems ensure maximum security
  • A classic look that fits with both modern and traditional home styles
  • Adds character to an otherwise lifeless entity 


  • Known for poor insulation – but that’s before Mainstream Home Improvement gets involved!
  • The more moving parts, the more potential maintenance will be needed down the line. But like everything else, if you take care of something, it can last a lifetime
  • If you live in an area with either extreme cold or extreme heat, you may not find many times in the year to have your door half open for an extended period 

The Mainstream Touch 

Dutch doors as an entryway are one thing. It’s another to have them personalized to your preferences. Here at Mainstream Home improvement, we strive to provide our clients with a wide variety of choices when it comes to each aspect of a home renovation,

When it comes to doors, we offer a seemingly endless array of finish options to match any and all existing home characteristics. Once we are given the green light and your new dutch doors are underway, that’s where we shine through.

We go above and beyond the typical standards of other home contractors while performing in-depth assessments and inspections from start to finish. 

Time To Get Started? Give Us A Call! 

Whether you have additional questions about dutch doors, the installation process, or information on how to receive an estimate, be sure to give us a call at (309) 762-6244 today!

Bring fresh air and unobstructed views into your life with the power of the coveted dutch doors!

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