How To Spot A Poor Roof Replacement

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How To Spot A Poor Roof Replacement

A roof replacement can be quite an investment, and that makes it intimidating at times. The last thing any Quad Cities homeowner wants is to put thousands of dollars into a roof replacement only to realize that it didn’t do the job well and that you’ll have to have it replaced again in a few years. But how can you know beforehand whether you’re in for a good roof replacement or a poor one? In today’s blog, we’ll give you tips to spot a poor roof replacement so you know what to avoid:

Different Colored Shingles Or Different Materials

In some cases, roofers choose shingles that have alternating shades or colors in order to add depth to the surface of the roof. However, that has quite a different look than, say, a roof done half in gray shingles and then finished in brown shingles. It’s certainly different from a roof made up of two different roofing materials. This occurs when the roofer does not order the proper amount of shingles for the job and finishes it with whatever they had on hand. You can avoid this by choosing a roofer who does a full consultation with their roofing estimate, taking into account the full measurement of your roof.

Damaged Shingles

Damaged shingles are often seen as a sign that a roof is in need of a roof replacement. It might be curled or chipped or there may be missing shingles. This could be a sign of a new roof, but if you have a recently replaced roof that is already showing signs of damaged shingles, that’s a sign that either the roofer didn’t use a very good product or didn’t install much protection beyond the surface of the roof. Our roof replacements come with 6 feet of ice and water shield to protect your roofs against Quad Cities weather for years to come. 

No Cleanup

Roof replacement can be a messy job, but the homeowner shouldn’t have to worry about that. A good roof replacement installation crew will not only do the job but will clean up after themselves once the job is finished. Of course, you likely won’t see whether or not the roofer cleaned up the job when looking at images or a neighbor’s roof. But you can get a sense of how professionally the crew behaves, including cleanup, by checking out the roofer’s reviews or asking for referrals to ask past customers yourself.

Make sure to ask for examples of past work whenever hiring a roofer, or to ask for referrals. You can learn from past customers and from images of finished work what to expect from their work. Want to learn more about what Mainstream Home Improvements can do for you? Contact us today for more information or a free estimate. 

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