3 Benefits Of Gutter Guards

man installing gutter guards in illinois

3 Benefits Of Gutter Guards

Your roof gutters are essential to the health of your roof and siding, and by extension, to the rest of your home. Throughout the year, your roof gutter system funnels water that slides off the roof away from your home to a downspout that will keep it from pooling onto the roof or dripping down the siding, damaging your foundation or porch. But if your gutters are essential to your home’s health, roof gutter guards are invaluable to your roof gutters. These allow your roof gutters to continue at peak performance for longer. Here are a few of the benefits:

Less Maintenance

While roof gutters are certainly important, the maintenance can be a hassle. At least twice a year, you have to scale a ladder and clear the gutters out of any branches, leaves, and other debris that have gathered. If you don’t, water won’t be able to reach your gutters and the whole thing will be pointless. But gutter guards keep debris from getting in while still allowing water to flow through, so all you’ll have to do is sweep that debris off the covers every once in a while. It saves you time and may even save you money on potential repairs.

Get Rid Of Pests

Too often, pests like mice, spiders, birds, and various insects will take shelter in your roof gutters. This is not only annoying on the surface, but these pests will also breed, creating more mice, birds, spiders, and insects that could all make their way into your home. There’s no chance of that happening with gutter guards. They might be able to be on top of your gutters, but they won’t be able to get in and start breeding, so you’ll have fewer pests and other headaches to worry about.

Keeps Your Gutters From Freezing

In the midst of cold Illinois winters, your roof gutters can become susceptible to ice dams. This occurs when the bottom layers of snow begin to melt while the top layers stay cold, trapping the now melted snow until it becomes ice. This can be detrimental to any structure, including your roof gutters. With gutter guards, snow won’t pile up on your gutters and freezing water won’t find itself below inches of debris. You can say goodbye to frozen gutters or ice dams the second you install gutter guards.

And the benefits only continue from there. Want to learn more about gutter guards? Contact Mainstream Home Improvements today for more information or to schedule a free estimate and figure out how to have gutter guards installed on your own home.

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