From Cleaning To Gutter Covers: A Guide To Roof Gutter Maintenance In Galena, IL

gutter cover installation protecting gutters in Galena IL

From Cleaning To Gutter Covers: A Guide To Roof Gutter Maintenance In Galena, IL

Your roof gutters are an essential part of your roofing system. They protect your roof from pooling water, from ice dams, from leaks, and roof rot, ultimately. But if your roof gutters fall into disrepair, you lose that protection. That’s why it’s important to protect your roof gutters with regular maintenance and products designed to help them last and remain in good shape.

Need help maintaining your gutters? From cleaning to protective add-ons, this is our guide to caring for your roof gutters:

Invest In Gutter Covers

One of the first things we recommend is gutter covers to protect your roof gutters. Our gutter covers are made of perforated metal. Leaves fall onto the surface of the gutter covers and are easily blown off. Rainwater, however, will still be able to make its way into your gutters and be funneled away towards the downspout. Gutter covers will help to extend the life of your roof gutters and save you a significant amount of gutter maintenance. Instead of having to clean your gutters once or twice a year, you’ll be able to eyeball the problem from the ground. They can even help to keep insects out of your gutters.

Know What To Watch Out For With Your Gutters

Clogged gutters aren’t the only thing that could go wrong with your gutters. Do you know the warning signs? What are some issues that could lead to your gutters being unable to funnel water away from your home? What are some of the problems that could result from those issues? Here are a few things to watch out for:

Cracks Or Scratches

Most homeowners know that large cracks in their roof gutters mean water will leak out and fall onto their siding, porch, or house-side flowerbeds. But many will let scratches or small hairline cracks in their gutters go for the time being. This can be a mistake, as those cracks will become larger cracks the longer they’re ignored.

Peeling Paint Or Rotten Siding

Is the paint peeling off your relatively new roof gutters or peeling off the siding nearby? If you have wood siding, is it beginning to rot near the roof gutters? This is typically a sign that water is leaking from your gutters and that you should probably assess the problem or replace them right away. 

Bent Or Warping Gutters

If your gutters are bent or pulling away from the house, they cannot securely funnel water from the house towards the downspout. They’re leaving a gap between the house and the gutter system, and water can pour into that gap. Bent or warped gutters can happen as a result of storms, or due to the expansion and contraction of your home. 

Regular Gutter Maintenance Guide

Gutter maintenance can vary between homes that have gutter covers and homes that don’t. For homes that have open gutters, regularly cleaning your gutters is crucial. Every year, thousands of leaves make their way to your roof and, subsequently, to your gutters. Without cleaning them, those leaves can begin to clog the gutters. Bugs and insects, and even birds, can nest in them. All of this serves to impede the performance of the gutters.

For homes without gutter covers, you’ll need to clean your gutters about twice a year — particularly during spring and autumn. This will involve a ladder, gloves, garden hose, and either a tarp or a trash bag. Climb up to where your gutters are located and scoop all leaves into the trash bag or onto the tarp on the ground. Then dispose of them and rinse your gutters through with a hose.

When you have gutter covers, your gutter maintenance will be much less frequent. Most leaves that land on the gutter covers will be blown off with the wind. Most of your maintenance, then, will simply consist of keeping an eye on your gutters. If you see that some leaves have begun to cluster at the top of your gutters and could be blocking water from getting in, simply wipe those off. However, this will be a rather rare problem with gutter covers.

Gutter covers can make your roof gutter maintenance much easier and can help your gutters last longer. Contact Mainstream Home Improvements today to learn more about our gutters and gutter covers or to schedule a free estimate.

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