Top Features to Look for in a Replacement Window

Large double-hung windows for a residential living space in Davenport, IL that has thick white trimming and paned glass.

Top Features to Look for in a Replacement Window

Investing in replacement windows for your home is a major decision that requires careful consideration. At Mainstream Home Improvement, we understand the importance of making an informed choice, which is why we are here to provide expert guidance on the essential performance metrics used for replacement windows.

By familiarizing yourself with these metrics, you can confidently select the best windows that meet your specific needs and preferences, ensuring optimal performance and satisfaction for your Quad Cities home. When it comes to choosing replacement windows, various performance metrics play a crucial role in determining their suitability for your home. These metrics help you make a well-informed decision that aligns with the unique requirements of your Davenport, IL home.


Investing in replacement windows is a significant decision, and at Mainstream Home Improvement, we understand the importance of choosing windows with exceptional insulation for the cold Quad Cities winters. The U-Factor, also known as thermal transmittance, is a key performance metric that measures how well a window insulates your home. For optimal energy efficiency and comfort, we recommend selecting windows with a U-Factor between 0.15 and 0.30. Choosing windows with lower U-Factor values ensures superior insulation, preventing heat loss and keeping your home cozy during the chilly winter months in Davenport, IL.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

A replacement bay window for a residential kitchen space in Davenport, IL and custom trimming by Mainstream Home Improvement.

In the warmer months of the Quad Cities, maintaining a cool and comfortable home is essential. Mainstream Home Improvement understands this concern and emphasizes the significance of the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) in selecting replacement windows that effectively block heat from the sun.

To maximize energy savings, we recommend opting for windows with a lower SHGC value between 0.25 and 0.60. By choosing replacement windows that efficiently block heat, you can reduce your reliance on air conditioning, save on energy costs, and maintain a pleasantly cool indoor environment during the hot summers in Davenport, IL.

Visible Transmittance (VT)

At Mainstream Home Improvement, we recognize the desire for ample natural light in homes across the Quad Cities. Visible Transmittance (VT) is a crucial performance metric that measures the amount of visible light passing through a window, allowing you to create a bright and inviting living space. When selecting replacement windows, consider windows with a VT value between 0.20 and 0.80. This range provides options to cater to your preference for natural light, ensuring a well-lit interior and a connection to the outdoors, enhancing the ambiance of your Davenport, IL home.

Air Leakage

A new double-hung window installed for a residential home in Davenport, IL with a thick white trimming.

To preserve energy efficiency and ensure optimal comfort, a tight seal is vital for replacement windows. Mainstream Home Improvement understands the significance of Air Leakage (AL) as a performance metric that measures the amount of air passing through a window’s frame and joints. For the Quad Cities climate, we recommend selecting windows with an AL value of 0.3 or lower. By choosing windows with minimal air leakage, you can prevent drafts, maintain consistent indoor temperatures, and minimize energy loss, leading to improved energy efficiency and increased comfort throughout the year in your Davenport, IL home.

Condensation Resistance (CR)

Condensation Resistance (CR) is a critical performance metric that should not be overlooked by Quad Cities homeowners when selecting replacement windows. Excessive condensation can have detrimental effects on both the appearance and health of your home. It creates an environment conducive to the growth of mold and mildew, which can compromise indoor air quality and potentially cause respiratory issues.

When evaluating replacement windows, the CR value becomes a key factor to consider. This value represents the window’s ability to resist condensation on its interior surface. A higher CR value signifies superior resistance to condensation, meaning that the window is less likely to accumulate moisture. We recommend aiming for a CR value between 1 and 100. With Mainstream Home Improvement, you can confidently choose windows that boast exceptional CR values, providing you with peace of mind and reassurance year-round.

Choose Mainstream Home Improvement in the Quad Cities

When it comes to selecting replacement windows in the Quad Cities of Illinois and Iowa, it’s essential to consider these crucial performance metrics to ensure the optimal choice for your home. At Mainstream Home Improvement, we offer a diverse range of window options that consistently outperform those offered by our competitors. We take pride in our windows’ superior performance, and we provide resources to verify their exceptional quality. By understanding the significance of U-Factor, SHGC, VT, AL, and CR, you can confidently choose windows that enhance your home’s aesthetics and contribute to its energy efficiency and overall comfort.

We are committed to assisting you in making the best decision for your home’s window replacement needs. Our knowledgeable team is here to guide you through the selection process, ensuring that you have the information and support you need to make an informed choice. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today at 309.762.6244 to discuss your specific requirements and let us help you find the perfect replacement windows.

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