When Do You Need A Roof Replacement In Davenport, IA?

man replacing roof in home remolding in Davenport, IA

When Do You Need A Roof Replacement In Davenport, IA?

A good roof should be able to last some time, but no roof can last forever. Over time, the elements will wear down on the roof’s materials — whether it takes 15 years or 100. But it’s not always easy to tell when you need a roof replacement. Sometimes the signs are subtle. How do you know when it’s the right time and when you would simply be wasting money? In today’s blog, we’ll offer a guide so you know when you might need a roof replacement for your Davenport, IA home.

When Your Roof Is Over 20 Years Old

Different roofs have different lifespans, especially in various climates. Some might last for upwards of 50 years, while some are lucky if they last ten years. However, a good industry rule of thumb is 20 years. If you’ve moved into a home with a roof that’s over 20 years old, there’s a good chance that the roof is beginning to wear down. Before you’re faced with roof leaks and bigger problems, it might be time to replace your roof with a more durable, advanced roof manufactured more recently.

When Your Roof Doesn’t Have Proper Ventilation

A lack of roof ventilation can cause your roof to fail sooner rather than later. Roof ventilation helps to ensure that hot air and moisture don’t fill your attic, but rather that air is constantly being circulated. Without the right roof ventilation, your roof can fall prey to moisture issues like roof rot, moss, algae, and more. When you order your roof replacement system, make sure that you include roof ventilation so that your new roof will be able to last longer than your old roof.

When Your Roof Has Taken Significant Storm Damage

Sometimes you had a perfectly good roof before the unthinkable happened. You can’t control a storm or the effect it might have on your roof. If a tree falls on your roof, for instance, that might go beyond the need to simply repair the roof. Fortunately, in some cases, your insurance might be able to cover a roof that was damaged or ruined by a storm. If that’s the case, you’ll be able to get a roof replacement to shelter your home without having to break the bank.

When Your Roof Has Roof Rot Or Leaks

When you look up at your roof, do you see any sagging spots or areas that are a darker color than the rest? These don’t just look bad — they could actually be detrimental to your roof and your home. Roof rot deteriorates the structure of your roof and can even spread to the rest of your home. Roof leaks are also a serious concern, one that could lead to further roofing issues, as well as water damage and potential electrical problems inside your home. If your roof is rotting or leaking, it’s no longer protecting your home. It’s best to replace it. 

When You Need More Energy Efficiency

Sometimes an older roof can actually cost your home more than it’s worth. An old roof, especially one with poor roof ventilation, can let in too much cold air and allow too much heat to escape your home. Because of this, your HVAC units will have to work twice as hard to keep your home comfortable — and you’ll notice a difference in your bills. A new roof will likely offer your home better energy efficiency and better home comfort. 

When You Plan To Sell Eventually

Some homes aren’t meant to be forever homes. You might live there while you’re in your current stage of life, and then you might move when you need more space or decide to live in another area. If you plan to sell a few years down the line, a roof replacement can help raise the value of your home. A new roof will have the latest advances, a longer lifespan, and stronger energy efficiency. This will be sure to appeal to homebuyers. Just make sure to replace the roof a few years before you move so that you can enjoy the ROI rather than adding on further costs of moving.

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