Why We Are Happy To Offer Quad City Homeowners Lifetime Warranties

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Why We Are Happy To Offer Quad City Homeowners Lifetime Warranties

When You Carry The Best And Do Your Best There’s Little Risk

You can learn a lot about Quad City area home improvement contractors by looking at the warranties they offer. Warranties for home renovations can run from the infamous “Tail Light Warranty,” which is only good so long as you can still see the contractor’s tail lights after they leave to Lifetime Warranties with zero coverage depreciation.

But even when you read the words “Lifetime Warranty,” you’ll still need to delve into the fine print. Some Lifetime Warranties are essentially useless after ten years due to depreciation and rapidly rising co-pays.

Contractors that offer little to no coverage or hide the same through legalese crammed into so-called Lifetime Warranties are announcing to the world that they have zero faith in their products or their installation crews or both.

Games Home Improvement Contractors Play

When you do a deep dive into many Lifetime Warranties, you’ll find all sorts of loopholes designed to limit the responsibilities of a contractor to cover the cost of repairs. Depreciating coverage is a popular method for limiting risk. Often, coverage goes down up to 10% each year until the Lifetime Warranty is virtually useless in ten years.

Another out is to put in ludicrous requirements, not unlike the “no stains” clause in almost every mattress warranty. These are rules and requirements that are nearly impossible to meet, making any level of warranty virtually moot just by using the product and living your life.

Probably the most frustrating game contractors can play is to pit their customers against the manufacturer. They claim the issue is a manufacturer defect, while the manufacturer insists that the problem is improper installation. They will argue back and forth while your product continues to fail and possibly damage other parts of your home.

In the end, these types of manipulations of lifetime warranties ensure that the only person at risk of losing money is you, the homeowner.

To us, those kinds of legal shenanigans just don’t fly.

A True Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranties should be considered a promise, not a dare. Our warranties on our replacement windows and roofing solutions have teeth: no caveats, no depreciation, and absolutely no games.

If your new windows or roof ever have a problem related to a defect in the product, we will have your back throughout the process. We work with the manufacturer to make things right, no matter the cost. What we will never do is make you ping-pong between the manufacturer and us, getting more and more stressed as your problem sits and gets worse.

Why We Can Afford To Offer Real Coverage

We don’t fear covering our Lifetime Warranty for two very simple reasons:

  • Superior Products – We have spent years vetting manufacturers for quality, longevity, and support. If we don’t have faith in a product, we won’t carry it. No Exceptions.
  • Perfect Installation – Our installation crews are some of the best in the business. We make sure that they aren’t just trained but trained to Mainstream’s high standards.

When you sell only the best products and never ever stray from manufacturer recommendations, offering a Lifetime Warranty is the easiest decision in the world. We have limitless faith in the products we offer and the installers we hire and train. To us, a Lifetime Warranty poses almost zero risk to our bottom line because we know in our hearts that our work will stand the test of time.

If you have a project in mind for your Quad City area home and want a contractor that believes in what they do, contact us at Mainstream Home Improvement for a free estimate.

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