3 Important Components Of A Roofing System

3 Important Components Of A Roofing System

A roof is more than just the shingles that you see from the curb. It’s an intricate system involving many different elements to help keep your home safe and comfortable, as well as energy efficient. There are many components that make up a roofing system, but today we’re going to talk about three of the main components — and the most important components: the roof itself, the roof ventilation, and roof gutters.

The Roof

For the purposes of today’s blog, we’ll lump several of the components of a roofing system together to make “the roof,” the main part of your roofing system. This is the actual surface that covers your home. On the outside, it’s the asphalt shingles that make up the roof’s exterior. Beneath the shingles is the underlay membrane used to protect the decking and the structure of your home should anything get through the shingles. The decking is the plywood structure that gives the roof its shape and holds it up. This is the part of the roof that pretty much everyone considers when thinking of a roofing system, the literal “roof over your head.”

The Ventilation

Every good roof needs a roof ventilation system, especially in a region that experiences all four seasons. Roof ventilation enables the roof to breathe, allowing air to flow up and out through the attic. When there’s high humidity or moisture, a good roof ventilation will keep mold, mildew, and rot at bay, all things that could weaken the structure of your roof and of your home itself. Mainstream Home Improvements uses ridge vents for our roofing systems in order to have the most effective ventilation.

The Gutters

The job of your roof’s gutters is to funnel water that falls from the roof away from the house by a designated path to the downspout. That’s why it’s important that your roof gutters be in good shape, not rusted or cracked or clogged. If gutters are clogged, the water has nowhere to go, and thus stays on top of your roof, slowly weakening it and causing potential leaks. A good gutter system should include gutter covers, too, to allow water to be filtered into the gutters without allowing debris to build up.

At Mainstream Home Improvements, we take care with every aspect of the roof system, not just the obvious parts. We even add six feet of ice and water shield and synthetic felt to protect against UV exposure. Want to learn more about our roofing systems? Contact us today.

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