Are Vinyl Windows the Best Option?

A large commercial condo building with brand new vinyl windows installed by a home improvement company in the Quad Cities area.

Are Vinyl Windows the Best Option?

When you’re looking for new or replacement windows for your home, vinyl windows are great for any property due to their incredible benefits. With dozens of styles, colors, and customization options to choose from, vinyl windows are not only popular on the market, but they can fit just about any budget. Mainstream Home Improvement is a dedicated contractor ready to help you find the perfect windows to complement your home and family’s needs. Upgrade your curb appeal while working with certified experts who are proud to restore the safety and efficiency of your home in the Quad Cities area. Keep reading to learn more about why vinyl windows are the best option for your property.

Yes. And Here’s Why!

So, you’re looking for new windows? You’ve come to the right place! Mainstream Home Improvement is the leading contractor in the Quad Cities for vinyl window installation and repair. If you’ve done any research, you’ve probably stumbled across varying materials that could work for your home. From wood and aluminum to modern engineered vinyl, there are several options you can choose from for your windows. Is vinyl the best option out there? The short answer is yes! And here’s why. Not only are these windows easier to install, but they are low-cost, easy to maintain, energy-efficient, and guaranteed to last a lifetime. And let’s not get started on the customization options available. All in all, vinyl is the best selection for your home, and our team is here to help.

Lasts a Lifetime

A residential living room with furniture and four white, large floor-to-ceiling vinyl windows that were installed in the Quad Cities area.

Vinyl windows are often compared to the traditional wood frames that were popular for several decades. However, as the window industry develops modern technology to enhance the longevity of residential window frames, vinyl is now a no-brainer when factoring in durability. Our vinyl windows at Mainstream Home Improvement can last anywhere from 20-40 years with proper maintenance and installation. Our Sunrise Windows come with a guaranteed lifetime warranty and are fabricated with high-end vinyl that is aesthetically engineered to provide unmatched performance in all weather conditions. With high-quality products and a team with decades of experience, vinyl windows are a great choice for your home that is proven to have lasting results.


Another reason our customers choose vinyl windows for their homes is the low maintenance needed to keep them in quality condition. All you need is a mild detergent and warm water to clean the surface and exterior of your vinyl window frames. Due to the strength and durability of the engineered material, the surface is resistant to scratches, chips, stains, and fading. With wood window frames, strict maintenance is necessary to prevent the wood from decaying or developing mold growth. Avoid these worries altogether with low-maintenance vinyl windows from Mainstream Home Improvement in the Quad Cities area. To receive a free estimate on our vinyl window installation services, give us a call at 309.762.6244.


A beautiful residential bathroom with a large freestanding tub and three vinyl windows that were installed by professionals in the Quad Cities area.

One of the biggest reasons homeowners choose vinyl windows over traditional wood options is the budget-friendliness of vinyl. Whether you’re replacing a single window or every frame in your home, improvement projects of any kind can become pricey. While every home is different, it is not uncommon for homeowners to save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars when choosing vinyl windows over their wood or aluminum counterparts. Mainstream Home Improvement provides affordable vinyl window installation for residential homes in the Quad Cities area. To get an accurate quote on our vinyl windows for your home, contact our office to speak with a certified professional.

Endless Customization

From standard double-hung windows to a large slider window for premium airflow, vinyl windows offer endless customization options to homes of all shapes and sizes. Have complete control over the curb appeal, trim shape, and color, as well as the movement of your sashes. Being able to choose the exact finishes and styles of your vinyl windows is why many homeowners gravitate towards our products at Mainstream Home Improvement. We work with manufacturers like Sunrise Windows & Doors, as well as Restorations, to provide our customers with truly unique selections they can’t get anywhere else in the Quad Cities area.

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