How To Properly Measure Your Home For Replacement Windows In The Quad Cities

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How To Properly Measure Your Home For Replacement Windows In The Quad Cities

Do You Have What It Takes For A DIY Replacement Window Project?
It May Be Harder Than You Think!

A replacement window project can be a pretty hefty endeavor for many Quad City homeowners to take on, especially when done alone. While it may seem like a simple project for some, window replacement projects can be quite tedious.

Even for those of us who pride ourselves on being astute DIY enthusiasts, window replacement poses many areas for simple mistakes that can end up costing an arm and a leg to rectify. Windows play a vital role in ensuring optimal energy efficiency, comfort, and safety within the home.

We are sure that most Illinois, Wisconsin, and Idaho residents can agree that a project completed correctly the first time, is always the best-case scenario.

With our tips on how to measure for replacement windows, you will have a clear vision as to why, in most cases, opting for an experienced remodeling contractor will provide you with the best bang for your buck without all of the headaches. 

Measure, Measure, Measure!

The most important part of any remodeling project is the measuring process. Jotting down the incorrect measurements can result in receiving the wrong sized windows with no way out. Experienced remodeling experts, such as ourselves, know the exact science behind finding the right measurements for your windows.

If you truly feel like you are ready to undertake the replacement window process on your own, you should know how to properly take accurate measurements. It’s important to keep in mind, if you are opting for insulated glass then it is imperative that correct measurements are taken to ensure maximum efficiency. 

Step 1: Measuring The Width

While we strongly urge all homeowners to leave complicated measuring tactics to the professionals, we know many of you would like to be able to take your own measurements for window replacement. The first step towards achieving accurate measurements is by first determining the width of the window you will need.

When it comes to window measurements, we always focus on the smallest measurements for each category. For example, window width is determined by taking three separate measurements.

  • Bottom: To measure the bottom of a window, slide the window all the way open and measure the distance between the jambs at the lowest point of the window.
  • Middle: For the middle measurement, slide your window open all the way and position your tape measurer as close to the middle of the window as possible and record the distance between the two jambs.
  • Top: When calculating the top width, close the window completely and record the distance between the two jambs at the highest point of the window.

Your window width will be the smallest distance recorded between the jambs. In some cases, the smallest measurement will come from measuring the bottom, and in other cases, the smallest measurement could come from measuring the top or middle of the window. 

Step 2: Measuring The Height

As you can see, measuring for replacement windows is no small feat. When determining the height of your replacement windows, you will need to take three measurements, similar to the process of measuring the width.

For your first measurement, situate your tape measurer between the top of the window head jamb to the bottom of the sill along the far left of the window.  Record your findings. Then, repeat the same measuring process, but this time situating the tape measuring as close to the middle of the window as possible and then finally as far right of the window as possible.

After jotting down each of your three measurements, be sure to choose the smallest number as your window height. Choosing the smallest number will ensure you do not order windows that are too big for the space. 

Step 3: Measuring Window Depth

Taking proper window measurements prior to ordering the materials is the best way to ensure your new windows function in the way the manufacturer intended. Using the wrong calculations can result in lost energy efficiency, decreased comfort within the home, and higher heating costs.

The window depth measurement is no exception. While most homes can house a variety of window depths, it’s important to know if your home is one of them. In order to accurately determine the correct window depth for your replacement windows, open your window completely. Then, take multiple measurements to ensure there are at least 3 ¼ inches of space between the inside window trim and outdoor blind stop. 

Window Replacement Measurements: A Job Best Left To The Professionals

With all of the different measurements needed, there is an uncomfortably large margin for error. You may feel pretty confident when wielding a tape measure, but it may not always be that easy.

Before wasting time, money, and energy, be sure to contact your local remodeling specialists at Mainstream Home Improvement! If your measurements are even 1cm off from the correct dimensions, you could be in for a stressful and expensive experience.

With our large selection of window styles and options, we are sure to have the perfect look for your home. Contact the window professionals today to get started on your home remodeling project and eliminate the risk of doing it yourself!

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