Replacing Your Roof Is A Shrewd Long-Term Investment

Replacing Your Roof Is A Shrewd Long-Term Investment

roof replacement is a big change, and one that homeowners sometimes put off for fear of the investment. But not replacing your roof could actually cost you more in the long run. If your roof is faulty, it could affect your heating and cooling in your home and even the structural integrity of your home. In the long run, a roof replacement is not just the right choice, but the most shrewd choice. And with the right roofers, you’ll know you’re in good hands so that it doesn’t seem like a chore. Here are a few ways roof replacements can benefit you long-term.

Saved Repair Costs

There are some roofing issues that you can simply repair. You may be able to repair a leak or tamp down loose flashing on your roof vents. You may be able to replace a shingle or two. But as your roof ages, it will need more and more repairs. At a certain point, repairs are simply putting a bandaid on a larger issue. While one or two repairs may be cheaper than a roof replacement, several repairs over the next few years can add up compared to one roof replacement that lasts for as long as you have the house. Thus replacing your roof, especially with a quality roof contractor to install it and a durable roofing system, can save you on potential future repair costs.

Protection For Your Home

A faulty roof affects more than just your roof. If your roof is leaky, water can get into your walls and your electrical wiring. If roof rot starts to form on the decking, that rot can spread and potentially impact the structure of your home. If your roof gutters are cracked or clogged, water runoff can damage your foundation, siding, or flower beds along the wall. People talk about the protection of “a roof over your head” for a reason. If you have a good roof, it will protect your home from the elements outside…and the wear that can come from having a faulty roof.

Energy Efficiency

A good roof will more efficiently insulate your home, so that it stays comfortable while your heating and cooling bills stay low. Good roofs will help to reflect heat away from the home rather than soaking it up and causing a stuffy attic. Strong roof ventilation will also ensure that hot air doesn’t linger in your attic, thus allowing your home as a whole to stay more temperature controlled. With an old or faulty roof, especially a leaky roof or a roof with dysfunctional roof ventilation, you may be using more heating and cooling in order to keep your home at the temperature you want. Without that added cost, the investment of your roof will soon seem worth it.

Ready to replace your roof or interested in hearing more about the long-term benefits? Contact Mainstream Home Improvements today for more information.

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