Signs Your Roof Needs to be Replaced

A residential home in the Quad Cities area that has recently had a roof replaced by Mainstream Home Improvement with new shingles and gutter system.

Signs Your Roof Needs to be Replaced

Today’s roofing materials last much longer than the materials used 20-30 years ago. Without the more current materials, roofs will typically only last about twenty years. If the roof was originally installed improperly, then it can fail even sooner. Mainstream Home Improvement is the leading roof contracting company in the Quad Cities area due to years of high-quality services and pricing for local homeowners. Before your roof fails completely, be on the lookout for these signs that a replacement is in your future.

Your Shingles Are Outdated

Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular coverings for roofs throughout the Quad Cities. Due to their range of designs and lifespan lasting 20-50 years, they are an excellent choice for homes of all budgets and sizes. If you’ve just purchased an older home or you’ve had the same shingles on your roof for over twenty years, it can be a major indicator that your roof will need to be replaced soon. If you notice missing shingles, mold, mildew stains, or broken shingles on your roof, contact Mainstream Home Improvement. Our roofing company will completely remove your old shingles and underlayment before upgrading your roof with high-quality, modern asphalt shingles.

There Is Interior Damage to Your Attic

A contracted roofing expert that is installing underlayment on the deck of a roof in the Quad Cities area. A roofing expert installing RhinoRoof underlayment.

One of the first things our roofers will look at is the interior of your roofing system. The framing and insulation are exposed in your attic and can be a tell-tale sign when major roofing issues are present. A roofing replacement may be necessary if you find areas that have cracks or water damage or are emitting sunlight from small openings in the roof deck. Any signs of deterioration can indicate damage to one or many of your roof’s layers that will need to be stripped and replaced. When you suspect damage has occurred and is visible in the attic, contact Mainstream Home Improvement at 309.762.6244 to discuss any repairs or roofing replacement services that are needed for your home in the Quad Cities area.

There Are Sagging Spots in Your Roof

A sagging roof could mean that the decking is damaged and needs replacement. A common cause for decking deterioration is water infiltration. Other common causes of roof sagging include too many layers of shingles or a failed support system. At Mainstream Home Improvement, we offer complete roofing replacement for residential homes in the Quad Cities. If you see sagging, don’t wait. Hire Mainstream as your roofing contractor to completely replace your roof decking and shingles.

What to Do When You Need a New Roof

Brand new tan asphalt shingles installed on a residential roof in the Quad Cities. A residential home with new shingles replaced on their roof decking.

So, you’ve noticed damage to your roof and shingles, and now a roofing contractor has confirmed that you need a roofing replacement. What’s next? Once Mainstream Home Improvement has inspected your roofing system, we’ll provide a free quote. A project manager will then walk you through the steps of installing a new underlayment, ice & water barrier, proper ventilation, and brand-new fiberglass-backed asphalt shingles. The best choice you can make when investing in a new roof is to hire a certified, experienced roofing contractor to get the job done. At Mainstream Home Improvement, you can count on us to keep you and your property in Quad Cities protected.

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