Can Vinyl Siding Be Painted?

Can Vinyl Siding Be Painted?

Vinyl siding is a popular siding option for a number of reasons: high grade vinyl siding is a great value option compared to competitive siding materials. It is sleek and colorful and with great thermal performance, high grade vinyl siding is also an excellently energy efficient option for siding replacement. But many Quad Cities homeowners have questions about vinyl siding, particularly how long the fresh color will last and whether it can be painted. In today’s blog, we’ll answer those questions.

Does Vinyl Siding Need To Be Painted?

The first question to ask is whether or not vinyl siding needs to be painted. Many siding replacement companies will boast of the fresh color that comes with their vinyl siding, and this is often covered with a protective coating to keep it vibrant in seasons to come. However, when exposed to the elements in the long term, that protective coating will eventually wear and the siding will begin to fade. When it comes to high grade vinyl siding replacement, it is likely to last for a longer period of time, but eventually, it’s likely that you’ll want to paint your siding.

Can Vinyl Siding Be Painted?

Vinyl siding can be painted, just as wood siding can be painted, but you would need to find paint that will adhere to vinyl siding. Acrylic paints with urethane resins have a stronger adhesive that will bond to the slicker surface of vinyl siding. Consider the color you choose, as well. For instance, dark colors are more likely to attract warmth, while light colors will reflect warmth. The right color for your siding will depend on the climate in which you live, as well as your own personal tastes.

To Paint Or To Replace The Siding

So vinyl siding can sometimes need to be painted, and it is possible to paint vinyl siding. The next question that comes to mind for many Quad Cities homeowners is whether to paint their vinyl siding or whether to invest in siding replacement. The truth is that it varies by case. If the siding is old and the color has begun to fade, it may be that the siding is also no longer protecting your home or insulating it as it should. 

Before you make the decision to paint or to replace, consider whether there’s been a spike in your heating and cooling bills in the past few years. Is the siding pulling away from the house in places? If the issues are largely cosmetic, then feel free to repaint the siding. If there are underlying issues, siding replacement may be the answer. 

Our high grade vinyl siding comes in a number of vibrant colors, so you can find the perfect siding for your Quad Cities home. Get started with your siding replacement by contacting Mainstream Home Improvements today for more information or a free estimate.

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