3 Reasons To Ventilate Your Attic

3 Reasons To Ventilate Your Attic

When you think of your roof, you often think about what you see on the surface: the shingles or shakes, the color, the shape, and any signs of damage. But there’s more to a roof than simply the surface material. Ventilation is also important, both to the health of your roof and to the health of the rest of your home. When you schedule your roof replacement, be sure to ask about attic ventilation. Here are a few reasons you’ll want to add attic ventilation:

Ice Dams

Your attic ventilation isn’t just for the attic itself. It also protects the roof. In winter, heavy snow can fall onto your roof in the Quad Cities areas. When it meets with the warmth from your attic, the bottom layers of that snow can melt but remain trapped beneath the still frozen snow. The water from the melted snow can then freeze again and become an ice dam, which could be disastrous for your roof. This could cause potential leaks, roof rot, or other issues. However, if your attic is ventilated and air is able to circulate, there will be less chance of ice dams forming.

Mold And Mildew

Without ventilation, attics can be a stuffy place, especially in the heat of summer. And if your roof has issues with leaks or water damage, your attic can quickly become susceptible to mold and mildew. Just a little bit of mold and mildew can begin to spread and to affect the air throughout your home. Attic ventilation, however, will help to circulate the air through your attic so that it doesn’t become too stagnant and stuffy, creating conditions for mold and mildew. It will also make your attic more comfortable on the whole if you find yourself going up to it.

Indoor Air Quality

If the air in your attic is musty and stale, you won’t want to spend much time up there. If the air is moldy, that will make it not only unpleasant but dangerous to breathe in. Mold can also spread to the rest of the home, dragging down your indoor air quality on the whole. In the same way that proper ventilation will keep your indoor air quality up in the living spaces of your home, you need proper attic ventilation to protect the indoor air quality of your attic. 

When replacing your roof, don’t forget to ventilate your attic. Contact Mainstream Home Improvements today to learn how and receive a free estimate.

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