Finding Inspiration For Your Home Exterior Projects

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Finding Inspiration For Your Home Exterior Projects

We’re used to people finding inspiration when it comes to interior remodeling projects. There are magazines, pinterest boards, and popular home improvement TV shows all about how to remodel your bedroom, bathroom, home office, and so on. But what if your home improvement project is an exterior one? Fortunately, there are still plenty of fonts of inspiration out there to give you a sense of what you want from your roofing, siding, windows, and doors projects. Here’s what we recommend.

Look Around The Neighborhood

It might feel strange or intrusive to walk up to your neighbor’s door and ask to look around inside their home for interior remodeling inspiration. Fortunately, when it comes to exterior remodeling, you don’t actually have to go inside. You can view their homes from the curb and get a sense of what you like and don’t like. Maybe those bay windows have a stately elegance that you’d like to see in your own home. Maybe you like the combination of bricks and siding or you hate the color of their shingles. Take notes about what you like and don’t like about the houses nearby.

Take To Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t just for interior design inspiration boards. You can search just about any term on pinterest and be flooded with pictures and links to articles that will help you visualize your ideal home exterior. You can compare the look of different siding materials as well as colors and how to contrast your trim with the main color of your home. You can look at different roof slopes and consider the benefits of each. The more you pin, the clearer your vision for your home exterior will be.

Do Your Research

Look beyond the curb appeal and do some research on the materials of the home improvement project you might need. Are you better off with wood or vinyl siding, and what vinyl siding manufacturers are the most trusted? What steps can be taken to protect your roof from the elements and what benefits do different materials and slopes offer? What is the energy efficiency of each window style that you like? You can also research any limitations due to a homeowner’s association or neighborhood association.

If you’re still trying to visualize your new home exteriors, consider consulting an expert. Contact Mainstream Home Improvements today for more information or to schedule a home improvement project with a free estimate.

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