Tips to Keep Your Roof in Top Shape This Winter

A close-up image of a newly installed roof that has been prepped for winter weather by a home improvement company in the Quad Cities.

Tips to Keep Your Roof in Top Shape This Winter

Winter in the Midwest can be harsh. Luckily, families have the comfort of their furnace to stay comfortable while the exterior of their home is constantly exposed to the elements – especially their roof. At Mainstream Home Improvement, we have a wide range of tips and reinforcement products to keep your roof intact during harsh winter weather. From ice & water shields to complete asphalt shingle replacement, we are the number one contractor in the Quad Cities area that is certified to maintain the longevity of your roof. Here are just a few tips from our experts that are recommended for homeowners looking to keep their roofs in top shape this winter.

Install an Ice & Water Shield

A simple and affordable way to ensure your roof is protected from ice and water damage is to install a shield. Made of polymer-modified bitumen, our ice and water shields come with an adhesive backing those sticks to the surface of your roof for waterproof results. If you live in the Quad Cities area, there’s no questioning that winters can be brutal, with temperatures in the negative degrees and ice making hard surfaces extremely dangerous. Mainstream Home Improvement offers ice and water shields to prevent moisture from damaging your roof and shingles. This preventative service helps to avoid unnecessary risks while increasing the longevity of your roofing system.

Replace Broken Shingles

A section of a residential roof where a section of siding has been damaged and needs to be replaced by home improvement professionals in the Quad Cities.

Before winter is in full effect, it’s important to examine the shingles on your roof for damage or weak spots that may need to be replaced. While a cracked or missing shingle may not seem like much, when paired with snow and ice from winter storms, you could easily suffer a leak in your attic. Mainstream Home Improvement in the Quad Cities area uses Owners Corning TruDefinition® Shingles, which have been awarded as one of the country’s most recommended roofing products. When your roof’s shingles need to be replaced, you can trust that our team uses high-quality products offering decades’ worth of protection. Contact us for a complete examination of your roof’s shingles; our team will determine if a replacement service is necessary for maximum protection this winter.

Check Your Attic Ventilation

You may be wondering, what does my attic have to do with the quality of my roof? In fact, both parts work together in your roofing system to protect your home from weather damage. Having a poorly ventilated attic can directly expose your roof to ice, snow, and moisture, which can create issues such as ice dams. This is when a ridge of ice forms on the roof’s edge, preventing melting snow from draining properly. Installing roof or soffit vents in your attic will allow proper airflow that prevents moisture, mold, and shingle deterioration. Mainstream Home Improvement offers attic ventilation services for homes and businesses surrounding the Quad Cities area. To have a professional inspect your attic for proper ventilation this winter, call us at 309.762.6244.

Trim Overhanging Branches

A large tree branch that has fallen on the asphalt shingle roof of a home in the Quad Cities area that needs to be replaced.

Once you’ve looked at how you can increase the protection of your roof, it’s important to look at other natural elements on your property that may affect the safety of your home. If your property includes many large trees with stretching branches, it’s important to ensure none are reaching over your roof. In the winter, your trees are exposed to harsh elements that can make their branches weak or heavy with snow, ice, and water. If overhanging branches become damaged, they will likely fall onto your roof, causing serious and expensive damage. To keep your roof protected this winter, Mainstream Home Improvement recommended trimming your nearby tree branches for peace of mind and maximized roof protection.

Install a Gutter Guard

As winter approaches, your gutters have undoubtedly been affected by autumn leaves, branches, and other fallen debris from nearby trees. If they are left unmaintained, this allows for minimal drainage in the winter when the snow melts from the surface of your roof. Once your gutters are cleared, Mainstream Home Improvement offers GutterRoof guards designed to maximize water drainage for homes in the Quad Cities area. This investment will not only improve the health and safety of your roof, but it will prevent any future debris from clogging your gutters, making maintenance almost nonexistent. Keep your roof protected this winter with help from your local home improvement contractor.

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