Water Stains On The Ceiling And What To Do About Them

Water Stains On The Ceiling And What To Do About Them

You might not look at your ceiling very much, so it could take some time before you notice water stains up there. But once you notice the water stains, you shouldn’t ignore them. It might be unsightly, but it could also speak to issues with your home. If there’s a water stain, chances are there’s a leak on the other side of it. The problem most likely originates with your roof. In today’s blog, let’s discuss the origin of water stains and how roof replacement might be necessary for your Quad Cities home:

Does Your Roof Have A Leak?

Chances are if water is getting into your ceiling, it’s through a leak in your roof. However, you can test this by making a trip to your attic. Do so in the middle of a sunny day, and look up to the ceiling. If you see light breaking through at any points, that’s a leak. You can also check the exterior of your roof for missing, cracked, or curled shingles, all signs that there could be a leak. If you still don’t notice anything, you could call a roofing professional for an inspection to see if the problem is the roof and if roof replacement is necessary.

Dangers Of Water Damage

It’s one thing to notice there’s a problem in your home. It’s another to respond to it with urgency. Many homeowners see water stains on the ceiling and decide to get to it when they can. But left alone, these water stains could lead to issues with the electrical wiring of your home or could damage the structural integrity of the home. They could cause mold or mildew to form. If water gets into your insulation, it could weaken it, making your home draftier or more susceptible to pests. As the structure of the home is often wood, water could lead to rotting or swelling. It’s for these reasons that it’s essential to deal with a leak as soon as you can.

Can Roof Replacement Help?

In some cases, the leak in the roof may be easy enough to repair. However, it could also mean that your roof isn’t strong enough to stand up to the elements, or that it’s become old and worn down. A roof replacement will not only solve the issue of this particular leak but help to prevent leaks in the future, for years to come. At Mainstream Home Improvements, we add six feet of ice and water shield to our roofs to ensure that they hold up against leaks no matter how extreme the weather might be. While it’s an investment upfront, a roof replacement could save you money in repairs down the line.

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